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Medieval Dynasty: How To Sleep? (Answered)

Wondering where and how to sleep in Medieval Dynasty? This guide will answer your questions.

Your Medieval life revolves around a lot of hard work including hunting, building and more. Hence, getting enough rest is also important for your survival. But how to sleep in Medieval Dynasty? It is unclear what to do in the beginning but that is where this guide will come in handy. Here, we will explain the different ways to sleep in Medieval Dynasty and recharge your batteries.


How to Sleep in Medieval Dynasty

There are two ways to go about it. You can sleep inside your house but you can even sleep without it. For that, you need a campfire. It is also the faster and easier option if you compare it with the other method.

How to Build a Campfire


So, to start a basic campfire in order to sleep during the night, you need sticks – 16 sticks to be specific. Press Q and open up the crafting wheel and go to the Other option. That is where you will see the option to create a Simple Campfire.

When you do that, you will be able to light it up by facing it and pressing the E button. But how do you sleep? All you have to do is hold E and sleep right there.


The second option that is available to make you fall asleep is building your first house. Although it needs more resources and more hard work, it is a robust structure that will help you get some good sleep.

How to Build a House to Sleep in Medieval Dynasty

Check out our guide on how to build a house to know the entire process of building your first home in Medieval Dynasty.

Once you create it with a proper wall and roof, you will see that the house is furnished. It comes with a bed that you can sleep in simply by interacting with it. Press E and go to sleep. Easy peasy.

That’s basically how to sleep in Medieval Dynasty. You can sleep in your house if you are nearby but if you are far and need somewhere to sleep, a campfire will do the trick.


You will need straws to build your house so here’s our Straw Location guide that will help you out.