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Medieval Dynasty Straw Locations: How To Get Straw Easily

Searching for Medieval Dynasty Straw locations? Here's where to find & how to get Straw. Collect it and build your first house easily.

If you are wondering where to find straw in Medieval Dynasty and looking for the best locations to get it, we will help you out. Before diving into it, know that you are not alone – many new players are searching for straw. It is not easily found even though it is a very crucial raw material. But, Medieval Dynasty is in early access right now and we hope the developers change the spawn rate in the launched game. Now, let’s see how to find straw in Medieval Dynasty.

How to Get Straw in Medieval Dynasty


Straw is an essential resource in this game because with it you can build the very first house of your own. Getting your own residence is important and you need straw for the roof. It is also included as an ingredient for some other crafting recipes. Here are the Straw locations in Medieval Dynasty so you know exactly where to get it.

Where to Find Straw

The first way is to get it by harvesting reeds specifically by the river. What you need to do is visit the riverside behind the first village. That is where you will see a Reed that you can harvest. That’s the first straw location.


The second straw location is not really a location but a tactic. You can basically steal straw from the village but there’s a downside to that. When you steal from the village, you will get some bad reputation and returning to it can be tricky. The villagers will hate your guts for it so if you want to be on good terms with them, try stealing at night when no one really spots you stealing.

So, that is everything you need to know about this. As a short recap, here are the two ways to obtain Straw in Medieval Dynasty.

  • You can either get it from a riverside by harvesting Reed.
  • You can steal from the local villagers without being seen.

Once you get it, you can easily construct your first house in the early part of the game. We hope these locations will help you get your hands on them easily.

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