How to Make a Lantern in Minecraft?

Learn how to craft different types of Lanterns in Minecraft.

Lanterns help players to light up any place. It will also help to save you from creatures that lurk in the darkness. Lanterns are a very useful item in Minecraft. In this guide, you can learn about how to craft a Lantern? What are the items you will need to light up your settlement?+

How to craft Lanterns in Minecraft?

Minecraft Lantern Guide

To craft, Lantern players need 9 iron nuggets and a torch. The iron nuggets can be found in chests located at shipwrecks or in villages. Iron nuggets can also be obtained by smelting Iron tools or weapons. Torches on the other hand are very easy to find as they spawn for free in many places and but if torches are not available players can also use Charcoal or sticks.

The three types of Lanterns Players can craft in Minecraft are Soul lantern, Sea Lantern, and Jack O’ Lantern. Let’s see how players can craft each of them.

Soul Lantern:

Minecraft Soul Lantern Crafting Guide

Soul Lanterns are very similar to the regular lanterns but they are blue and they repel Pilgins which is helpful considering their habit of mobbing. The only difference is in the way it is crafted, instead of regular torch players need to use a soul torch. If you are using charcoal or sticks they’ll need to add soul soil or soul blocks.

Sea Lantern:

Minecraft Sea Lantern Crafting Guide

As the name suggests this Lantern is used as a light source underwater and all the ingredients to craft it are also available underwater so players should have a potion for water breathing ready with them. Players will need Prismarine shards and Prismarine Crystals to craft it and to get it they have to defeat the Guardians and Elder Guardians at the Ocean monuments. Get 4x Prismarine Shards and 5x Prismarine Crystals and arrange the Shards on the corners with the Crystals in the middle to craft the Sea Lantern.

Jack O’ Lantern

Minecraft Jack O’ Lantern Crafting Guide

To get the spooky feeling of the Jack O’ Lantern all we need is a Pumpkin, carve it using shears and once carved combine it with a torch and That’s it the Jack O’ Lantern is crafted. The Lantern can be used to make snow golems and iron golems. There is still a lot to find in Minecraft. Crafting is a way to survive in this game. There will be many places when you will need important items like Lead, Honeycomb, Shield to guard yourself, etc. We have lots of Minecraft Tips and Tricks covered, check the link for the latest updates on this game.