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How To Craft A Lead In Minecraft

Steps to craft a Lead in Minecraft.

Lead or leash in Minecraft is somewhat a rare item to come across unless you stumble upon the Wandering Trader slaughter him or his llamas which will drop leads. It is however much more convenient to craft lead in Minecraft on your own by gathering the resources. You would need this time when you want to move passive mobs and animals because they will not follow you on their own. Now mind you, the lead cannot be used on hostile mobs or Villagers. The player can hold and move multiple mobs at once via leads but each mob will require its own lead.

Ways to Craft Lead in Minecraft


You will need 1 Slimaball and 4 strings to make lead in Minecraft.


  • 1 slimeball
  • 4 strings


Slimeball Locations in Minecraft

  • Swamp biomes by killing the Slimes
  • Sneezing baby panda in the Bamboo Jungle
  • Buying it from the Wandering Trader

Strings locations in Minecraft


  • Killing spiders
  • Breaking down cobwebs
  • Looting temples, pyramids, and dungeons
  • Gift from cats
  • Trading with fisherman villagers

Crafting Lead

Once you have all these resources, it’s time to craft. Remember, positioning is the key and the materials should be placed in the exact same order as mentioned below in a 3×3 grid.


  • First Step: Place two strings in the topmost row in the first and second column
  • Second Step: Place one string in the second row in the first column
  • Third Step: Place one string in the third row in the third column
  • Fourth Step: Place one Slimeball in the second row in the second column

After all of this, it should look like the below picture:

Minecraft Crafting

In conclusion, this recipe should get you two leads and these can be stretched up to 10 blocks before disengaging.

Here is a list of animals on which you can use Lead in Minecraft:

  1. Bee
  2. Cat
  3. Chicken
  4. Cow
  5. Dolphin
  6. Donkey
  7. Fox
  8. Hoglin
  9. Horse (Zombie Horse and Skeleton Horse)
  10. Iron Golem
  11. Llama & Trader llama
  12. Mooshroom
  13. Mule
  14. Ocelot
  15. Parrot
  16. Pig
  17. Polar Bear
  18. Rabbit
  19. Sheep
  20. Snow Golem
  21. Squid (Bedrock Only)
  22. Strider
  23. Wolf
  24. Zoglin

So these are all the possible ways for crafting Lead and resources needed to make Lead in Minecraft. Make sure you check out this article on How to make fireworks in Minecraft.