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How to Cook Meals Faster in Valheim – Dual Fireplace Crafting Guide

With two Fireplace in your base, you can cook faster, you can make more just follow the tips in this guide.

Cooking meals in Valheim allows you to restore your precious health and stamina. You can survive and heal yourself in the game. So the meal is an important element of the game that you cannot ignore. To cook the food you will need a Fireplace. Which is also a requirement for unlocking a re-spawn point. Also if you don’t know how to move the Fireplace from the upper floor then hit the link for details. Or else we will move forward with your guide on how to cook multiple meals at the same time in Valheim.

How to build two Fireplaces in Valheim?

How to build Chimney in Valheim?

I am sharing tips on making two Fireplaces attached to a chimney for disposing of the smoke. You can build two different chimney’s or craft one and attach both the fireplace to the same. It can be a challenging task so first I help you with building a chimney in Valheim. Then you can place the fireplace below it and done. Make sure you have enough raw-materials in your inventory to build everything. Want to know how to build a fireplace in Valheim then hit the link or else proceed with our guide.

How to build a chimney in Valheim?

Use the wooden walls and beams to craft a square shape chimney right above the Fireplace. It is easy, place the wood beams in four corners and then place the wooden wall on it. Do not block the smoke access, that means the roof will remain hollow. Place the walls on each of the four sides and keep constructing until you get enough height. Make sure you place the beams to keep the chimney stable.

Next, you will have to use the roof to place them on side of the chimney walls. Using angle pieces to make sure the edges are locked and the smoke does not get leaked inside the house. This can be a little complicated but it is a way to get two working fireplaces in the house.

A video by youtuber “Quicksand Riggs” has a detailed video walkthrough on how to build two side fireplace in Valheim. It explains all the steps and guides you to craft a single chimney for both the firewalls. With two of them in the house, you can cook meals faster and store them in your inventory. Will be highly useful while losing health during the exploration.

Do not forget to scan the Valheim Wiki guide for the latest tips and tricks. The wiki is updated regularly and has an extensive list of amazing guides for Valheim.