How to Move Fireplace (Campfire) to Upper Floor in Valheim?

Do not want the Campfire from the ground floor, then here is how to move it somewhere else.

In this Valheim construction guide, you can get this valuable tip of moving the fireplace to your favorite place. With some tweaks, you can change the location of the Valheim fireplace. Placing it on the top floor or somewhere else can give a different look to the house.  Also if you are looking for tips on how to build a strong structure or fix the bug of disappearing buildings then refer to the link. Or else let’s continue with the guide on how to move the fireplace in Valheim.

How to Change Fireplace location in Valheim?

How to move Campfire Valheim?

Campfire will protect you against freezing in Valheim. It is important to have one in the house as it removes Cold and Fire effects. During the rain, the campfire in the house will dry up the wet place faster and also used for cooking. Also if you need a spawn point in Valheim, the campfire is necessary requirement in the house. Here is what you can do to move the fire in Valheim.

Use Stone to build a new floor. Stone offers the best foundation for building stable structures in Valheim. You can then shift the campfire on the upper floors easily. Or just drop 2 core logs and place the campfire on it. This is a second way to shifts its location. Core logs can be found in the dark forest, cut down the pine trees, and use them to build the campfire.

5 stone and 2 wood are required to craft the same in the house. The problem here is as per the game rules a campfire can only be built on the ground or on natural rocks. Creating a floor with some similar features will let you build it in the building. There are many benefits of having one and if you are multiple structures then you set up more. Refer to some of the points which summarize why Campfire is important in Valheim.

    1. Greyling is scared of fire.
    2. Greydwarfs are scared of fire.
    3. It dries wet areas.
    4. Remove Cold Effect.
    5. Remove Fire Effect.
    6. Used for Cooking.
    7. Required for unlocking Spawn point.

Do not place the campfire in a locked room. There has to be some passage for the smoke to escape. Or else it will be trapped inside the house, any player inside will receive damage. Create a chimney above the campfire to avoid this. We have some of the top tips and tricks on the game, refer to our Valheim wiki guide for more details.