How To Complete The Whiteout Challenge In Hitman 3

Completing the Whiteout Challenge in Hitman 3 is pretty simple, check out how to do it

The Whiteout challenge in Hitman 3 is one of the most mind-boggling challenges as all you have to do is perform a certain action on a certain target, this will take precise timing and patience. If you’re wondering about how to complete the whiteout challenge in Hitman 3, check this out.

How To Complete The Whiteout Challenge In Hitman 3

To complete the whiteout challenge in Hitman 3 you will need to take a brick of cocaine and cover ICA agent Chamberlin with it. There are multiple ways to complete this challenge in Hitman 3 but the easiest one involves you throwing the cocaine brick towards the back of the fan while Agent Chamberlin walks through the dance floor.

how to complete whiteout challenge in hitman 3

To do this, you will need to get the Biker disguise, so make sure to find a biker who is patrolling by himself and then subdue him and take his disguise, once you have this, you will get unrestricted access to the Nightclub in Berlin.

To get your hands on the brick of cocaine in Hitman 3, you will need to go to the Drug Packing Area of the Biker Hangout, we recommend that you get to this area through the garage, here you will see a couple of Bikers hanging out but they won’t suspect you of being Agent 47. Simply walk past them and you will see a black van, take a left from it, and enter the Drug Packing Area, this is the main part of the whiteout challenge.

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Pick up the drug and then return to the dance floor, make sure to open the map and check for Agent Chamberlin’s position. Follow him discreetly without blowing up your cover, you will need to track him until he gets to the dance floor.

Once here, make sure to head to the left side of the DJ booth, here you will find a huge fan. Use your Hitman senses to check Agent Chamberlin’s position and as soon as he walks through the crowd of people dancing throw the brick of cocaine at the back of the fan.

You do not have to physically throw the cocaine brick at Agent Chamberlin to complete the Whiteout challenge. As soon as you throw the brick, people on the dance floor will start to dance faster and the powder residual will cover Agent Chamberlin and you will complete the Whiteout Challenge in Hitman 3.

This is all there is to do to complete the Whiteout challenge in Hitman 3, while you’re here maybe you’ll like to check out how to complete the photograph all yellow bird graffiti challenge in Berlin in Hitman 3 right here on Gamer Tweak.