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How To Complete The Monopoly Challenge In BitLife

Here's how to complete the Monopoly Challenge in BitLife easily.

Here’s a new challenge for BitLife players. You need a lot of money for this one because you are tasked with buying many properties. So, how do you go about it? Find out everything you need to know in this guide on how to complete the Monopoly Challenge in BitLife.

BitLife Monopoly Challenge Guide: How to Complete it Easily


Before heading into the details of how to complete the Monopoly Challenge in BitLife, let’s take a look at what exactly you have to do. These are the requirements you have to fulfill.

  • You have to start a first generation life.
  • Then, own these properties:
    • 1 palace
    • 2 castles
    • 3 haunted houses
    • 5 log cabins
    • 10 townhomes

So, as the challenge requirement suggests, you have to start a new life since the rules say you need a first generation life. This means that you cannot really use a character who is already raking in the moolah – you have to start from the ground up. Next, to get a lot of real estate, you need to be rich (super rich). We will show you how to make tons of money to purchase all of these properties.


The first approach you can take is to become a movie star because that means you will be rolling in money. Make sure that you have good looks, you are fit and basically looking your very best. Check out our linked guide to see how you can make the entire process happen. A movie star career path will give you fame as well as money.

Another approach requires you to become royalty in BitLife to ensure that you are rich. You can be born into it or marry into it – both situations will give you enough amount to buy the aforementioned properties in the Monopoly Challenge in BitLife.

Apart from these, you can become a pop star too which can be done with good looks, going to the gym and getting some plastic surgery done. You will need to get into social media in high school and then try for the Background Vocalist job. Whenever you don’t see a job opportunity that you specifically want, close the game and restart it again.


With that job taken, you need to keep working harder and then move to the Lead Singer position. Keep going and soon you will be rich and famous. You can do commercials as well as use social media to boost your stats.

Get Rich Fast and Buy Properties

Once you have figured out how to make money, it will be time to purchase properties from the Assets tab. From the list, haunted houses will be random so it is down to luck. Get them immediately when you see them. Log cabins and townhomes are kind of tough to get but you will manage it if you keep trying. Of course, castles and the palace will cost a LOT so be prepared.


This is how to complete the Monopoly Challenge in BitLife. Don’t miss our other Mobile game guides on Gamer Tweak!