BitLife Challenge Guide: How To Complete The Brangelina Challenge

Complete the Brangelina Challenge in BitLife easily

As always, BitLife is back with an all-new amazing challenge. This time the new challenge available is the Brangelina Challenge. It is clear from the name that you have to imitate the famous Hollywood couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. The challenge has four requirements that you need to achieve to complete it. Since Brangelina is a time-based challenge, you might want to complete it as quickly as possible. Here’s the guide on how to complete the Brangelina Challenge in BitLife that you are looking for.

BitLife Guide: How to Complete the Brangelina Challenge

Before getting into how to complete the challenge, let’s have a look at the requirements first. To complete the challenge, you will have to…

…live in Los Angeles.

…become a famous movie star.

…build a net worth of $200m+.

…adopt 3 foreign children.

Now since we know the requirements, let’s delve deep into how to complete the Brangelina Challenge in BitLife.

Start with great looks

To begin with, the first requirement is quite an easy one. All you need to do is move your character to Los Angeles or start a new life there. Whether you have a God Mode or not, you can choose the name and birthplace of your character.

Kick start your acting career

Once you start your life in Los Angeles, you will have to worry about the much harder requirement to complete the Brangelina Challenge, i.e., becoming a famous movie star. Looks and physique are the basic requirements to become a famous movie star. Hence, ensure that you start your life with at least 80+ looks stats. The stats can be increased as your character grows in the game. Also, make sure that your character regularly goes to the gym and performs physical activities. Doing regular exercise will increase your looks stats and chances of becoming an actor. You have to start all these at a young age while you are completing your education.

Once you have completed your high school, it’s time to kick off your acting career. Landing on an acting gig is not at all easy. Hence, you should start by getting a voiceover artist job (you have to enter the industry one way or the other). Also, ensure that all your social media accounts are active during these years.

Hard work gives you success. Keep doing voiceover artist job unless you get promoted to an actor, this might take a few years. After becoming an actor your character will be promoted to a lead actor. But remember working hard is what it takes to become a lead actor. Hence, you will have to head over to the jobs section and select work harder whenever you can.

If you don’t get promoted to a lead actor within a few years, you should consider taking some other acting gigs. During this time, you should also improve your fame stat. Once you are an actor, you will easily get gigs worth millions. While earning millions as a lead actor make sure to start starring in news and magazines. Also, ensure that you are active on all your social media accounts (remember we have to become a famous actor and not just an actor).

Increase your earnings

The next requirement to complete the Brangelina Challenge is to build a net worth of $200m+. Making correct investment decisions is the best way to increase net worth and that is what we will be doing. When you are earning a lot of money, invest it in some beautiful houses nearby. The value of houses increases over time, which will increase your net worth each year.

Complete the  Brangelina Challenge

The last task in the list is to adopt 3 foreign children as Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie did. Go to the adoption menu and select a child that is outside your country. You will have to repeat this step three times. Please note that adopting children requires money; hence, ensure that you have the required money to buy and raise them. Investment in houses that we made for increasing our net worth can come in handy here. The increase in house value will offset the costs of adoption.

That’s how you can easily complete the Brangelina Challenge in BitLife. If you like reading such guides on games, make sure to check our latest mobile gaming guides.