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How to Change Costume in Trials of Mana Remake?

Change your character's look

Trials of Mana Remake has six characters, out of which you can choose three to play with. There will be one main lead and two companions in your party. You can choose from Duran, Charlotte, Angela, Hawkeye, Kevin, and Riesz to create any party combo you want. Each of these characters has a set of powers and abilities which makes them unique. But apart from that, they also have different colorful and well-designed attires. And yes, players do have the option to change them in Trials of Mana. Wondering how to change costume in Trials of Mana Remake? This guide will help you out.

Guide for Changing Costume in Trials of Mana

If you want to unlock new costumes for your character, you need to switch to another Class. This Class switch will give you cool new ensembles as well as more powerful abilities and boosts. You have to pick from the Light or Dark paths in order to successfully switch classes.

Note that there are certain conditions you have to fulfill if you want to switch classes. Read our guide on how to change classes to understand how it works.

Now, if you would like a certain costume from the Class Tiers that you have already unlocked, simply go to the main menu and change the costume. Select the ‘look’ you want from the list shown. It’s easy as that!


This change will not affect your current class, abilities, or points. So, if you were worried about missing out on any class costume just because you didn’t choose it, don’t worry about it. While playing, if you happen to change your mind about a certain outfit, you can easily change it to any other unlocked outfit without any repercussions.

So this is how to change costume in Trials of Mana. Be sure to read more such useful guides (like How to Reset your Class) right here on GamerTweak.