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How To Catch A Golden Stag In ACNH

Want to capture one of the rarest bugs in Animal Crossing New Horizons? Then follow these tips to catch a Golden Stag in ACNH.

July is the month where a wide variety of bugs have arrived to your North Hemisphere island. We have already posted guides on how to catch a lot of them, including different Cicadas, Horned Atlas, Blue Weevil Beetle, Grasshopper and more. So make sure to check those out if you want to know the details. In this guide, we will focus on catching yet another bug and that is the Golden Stag in ACNH.

Animal Crossing New Horizons Golden Stag


As its name suggests, this bug is golden in color and it is a very rare catch. If you get it, you are very lucky! Here are the months in which you can catch it.

  • North Hemisphere: July to August
  • South Hemisphere: January to February

The timings that you need to take into consideration are 5 pm to 8 am and they will spawn on Palm trees. If you don’t have Palm trees on your island, you can either plant a coconut or pick up an entire tree from a Mystery island and plant it on your own island. If you decide to grow a Palm tree then you have to wait a bit to let it grow. Learn more in our guide on how to grow a Palm tree.


When you see a Golden Stag spawn on the tree trunk, sneak up to it and swing your net to catch it. Simply hold A to approach it slowly and release the button to capture the bug. You have to be extra careful for this creature because one wrong move and it will flee. Note that when you are on an island that you have visited by using Nook Miles, keep an eye on the trees there too. You might just find a Golden Stag there.

If you choose to sell this rare bug, you will get 12000 Bells. That’s a lot of money!

So, this is everything on how to catch the Golden Stag in ACNH. We have more information on other critters and sea creatures in our Animal Crossing New Horizons Wiki so check that out too.