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How To Catch The Grasshopper In ACNH?

Here's how to catch the Grasshopper in ACNH. Find out about its spawn location, timings, months of availability and more.

Here is another addition to the list of bugs coming to your North hemisphere island in July – the Grasshopper. It joins the likes of the Walking Stick, Walking Leaf and the variety of Cicadas that are also coming to your island from this month. Additionally, there is the Cicada Shell (yes, the exoskeleton) that you can grab. If you want to know how to catch them all, be sure to read the guides we have linked on their names. In this article, we will show you how to catch the Grasshopper in ACNH and its selling price, spawn location and timings.

How to Catch a Grasshopper in Animal Crossing New Horizons (ACNH)

Northerners can catch this bug from July to September and Southerners can get it from January to March. There are specific timings to find this bug, though, and that is from 8 am to 5 pm. The location where you need to look is the ground, so be careful when you are on greener areas – you might not notice the grasshopper. As it is with bugs, you have to approach it slowly and carefully and swing your net before it hops away. In case the grasshopper escapes into the water, you will miss out on the chance to catch it.

When you sell this bug, you can earn 160 Bells since this is quite a common critter. Upon catching it, the pop-up message will say that the grasshopper is a grass act! Ah, these lines never fail to make you chuckle.

If you decide to donate this bug, Blathers will express his annoyance about the noise they make and the food they eat. Typical Blathers.

So, this is everything on how to catch a grasshopper in ACNH. Keep reading our ACNH Wiki to know more about the latest updates in Animal Crossing New Horizons.