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Cicada Shell In Animal Crossing New Horizons – How To Catch

Want to know how to catch the Cicada Shell in Animal Crossing New Horizons? Then check out this quick guide to know spawn location, price and more.

It’s time for yet another ‘how to catch’ guide for the world of ACNH and this time it is the Cicada Shell. For those with islands in the Northern Hemisphere, Cicada Shell can be caught July and will be there for a relatively short time. It’s basically the abandoned shell or exoskeleton of a cicada that it leaves around the island, making Blathers very annoyed. In this guide, we will take a look at everything related to the body of this bug, including how to catch a Cicada Shell in Animal Crossing New Horizons, spawning time, location, price and more.

How to Catch A Cicada Shell in ACNH


Here are the specific months in which this bug will be available to catch, as per the hemispheres.

  • Northern hemisphere: July to August
  • Southern hemisphere: January to February

Where to find the Cicada Shell? You will find it on tree trunks and most importantly, you can catch it at any time of the day. Although there is no specific weather condition required, but some players suggest that it has a better chance of spawning when it is raining.


Selling it at the Nook’s Cranny will only get you 10 Bells, but it is quite an uncommon catch. So if you do find one, consider yourself lucky!

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The process to catch it is simpler than the other ‘bugs’. All you have to do is focus on the trees and once you see the Cicada Shell, go ahead and swing your net to catch it. This is probably one of the few times you can use your net without worrying about the ‘bug’ flying away.


When you catch this shell, the message on the pop up will say “I’m glad the little guy came out of it!”

So, this is everything on how to catch a Cicada Shell in Animal Crossing New Horizons. For more such tips to be the best player, check out our ACNH Wiki guide right away.