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How To Carry More Medkits & Filters In Metro Exodus Sam’s Story DLC

Get Extended Supply of Consumables

Do you want to carry more Medkits & Gas Mask? Is there a way to do this in Metro Exodus Sam’s Story DLC? Well, there is. To carry more consumables which are Medkits and Filters that restores your health you will need to upgrade your Vest. Gask Masks for Filters allows you to explore zones with deadly gases. Vest upgrades are unlocked in between objectives in Metro Exodus Sam’s Story DLC. Carrier Vest upgrade will allow you to carry more throwing weapons, more ammo, and more consumables. In this guide, you will learn how to increase the number of medkits in your inventory. This will help you to survive tougher boss fights.

Where to find Carrier Vest Unlock to extend Consumables Supply in Metro Exodus Sam’s Story DLC?

After partying with the Captain you will have to set 5 traps for him. You will also unlock Valve Sniper Rifle in the process. Continue walking to the next marker. On your way, you will fight some bandits and Batwing, the oversized Bat.

Metro Exodus Sams Story Unlock Vest Upgrade

While following the next main objective marker you will come across a question mark sign. This is where you will hear a conversation between two scouts, follow the voices in an old broken building and you will find two soldiers. Here you will find a crafting bench as well a vest upgrade that will allow you to carry more ammo. Now its time to fight the Batwing, you will encounter him near the bridge.

Metro Exodus Sams Story Unlock Vest Upgrade

Once you reach the marker you will see a building with few guards. If you have a sniper you can take them down from distance. Instead of walking straight go to the extreme right of the building. There is a room with three handles if you rotate them the red light turns green.

Metro Exodus Sams Story Unlock Vest Upgrade The solution to Metro Exodus Sams Story puzzle is above, rotate the levers in a line as shown in the image, start with the last one, then first and then the middle. A red door on your right will be unlocked, go inside and grab the Carrier Vest upgrade that will allow you to carry more Medkits and filters.

You just have to find a crafting bench to equip the vest, here you got two. One for carrying more ammo and the second one for carrying more consumables. Also, there is a guide on how to increase the capacity of carrying throwing weapons like knives or grenades.

You can only equip a  new carrier vest upgrade through a crafting bench in Metro Exodus Sams DLC.