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How To Kill Bats In Metro Exodus Sam’s Story DLC – Batwing Boss Fight

There are no Vampires

During the start of Metro Exodus Sam’s Story DLC, you will be on your way towards finding a ship. After dealing with a few local goons a Captain will guide you towards a submarine. Do not waste your bullet here, you can take down the goons from behind in stealth. After reaching the roof the Captain will ask you to follow using a zip line, but the journey will be interrupted with some oversized bat. This triggers a battle with bats in Metro Exodus Sam’s Story DLC and here are tips on how to survive Batwing.

How to beat Batwing in Metro Exodus Sam’s Story DLC

You will fall on a track with a compartment. The bats will not attack in a group, use the compartment to shield yourself when you are not shooting. After getting the control back use your gun to shoot down one single huge bat which will be right in front of you. Others will fly behind it. After a few shots the entire group of bats will charge in, so dodge away and shield yourself behind the compartment.

Inside there are two boxes with supplies, you can grab some health packs and ammo. There will be only one single huge size bat that will stand right in front of you. Keep shooting it until it falls down. And also shield yourself from the group of bats flying right into your face.

After two or three attacks the oversized bat will expose itself on a roof. Continue shooting and it will attack you which will trigger a cutscene. The bat does not die, you will fall down and continue your journey towards the submarine.

The Nuclear Fuel –

During this objective, after meeting the captain you will face the Batwing once again near the broken bridge. Last time during the first encounter the Batwing ran away, but this time he will be tougher to beat. So you need a strong weapon, good upgrades to deal with it. The Batwing will attack you near the bridge, an area with lots of scrap cars. It is the best spot to hide to avoid attacks from the batts. Once you see Batwing pull out Valve gun and try to get an accurate shot. Three to four hits and he will fall down, running away one more time. If you had not yet unlocked Valve gun then read our guide – Valve Sniper rifle location to know more.

So this is how you can survive the oversized bat in Metro Exodus Sam’s Story