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How to Unlock Valve Rifle In Metro Exodus Sam’s Story DLC

True Sniper Rifle

There are few weapons in Metro Exodus Sam’s Story DLC which can take down enemies in one shot whether it is a regular soldier or a Batwing. Valve gun is one among them and in this Metro Exodus Sam’s Story DLC Weapon guide you can get the exact location of Valve Sniper gun. The weapon is truly outstanding but limited in ammo. So here if you are searching for a strong weapon then continue reading to find how to unlock Valve Rifle In Metro Exodus Sam’s Story DLC.

Where to find Valve Sniper Rifle Location In Metro Exodus Sam’s Story DLC?

Valve rifle comes with one single ammo, that means after a shot you will have to reload it. This takes a few seconds but it is worth using sniper guns. With 6x Scope, you can take down stronger enemies from distances, especially batwings, that are hard to kill with rifles. So here is the Valve Rifle location in Metro Exodus Sam’s Story DLC.

After partying with the Captain you wake up early in the morning on the terrace. In this same building, you will have a side-objective of setting up 5 traps. This will unlock the Trapper Trophy. If you want you can play it or skip to the next main objective. Check our guide – How to complete Captain Traps Objective.

Metro Exodus Sams Story Valve Sniper

In the lobby of Trap No.4, there is a room with a window and cans. Valve gun is placed right at the window. To find the Gun you can read our guide on All 5 Captains Trap Location. Collect the gun and add this to your inventory. Valve gun is the best weapon for shooting down enemies from distance. You can add a Suppressor and 6x Scope to convert the loud rifle into an amazing stealth weapon. Do not forget to collect this before proceeding to the next main mission. One of the best use of this sniper is to shot down Batwings which are quiet annoying creatures and you are going to face many ahead.

Avoid using Valve rifle in close combat, keep a gun ready in your inventory. Valve will shoot only one bullet at a time. So this is how you can unlock Valve rifle in Metro Exodus Sam’s Story DLC. Stay tuned for more updates on Metro Exodus Sam’s Story DLC.