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How to breed Pokemon and Hatch Eggs in Pokemon Sword and Shield

New Gen Pokemons

Pokemon Sword and Shield bring a ton of Pokemon for trainers to catch and breed and if you wish to breed for any of the reasons you will need two Pokemon of the opposite genders and the same egg group to make a Pokemon egg.

How to breed Pokemon and Hatch Eggs in Pokemon Sword and Shield

You have to make sure that you take two Pokemon of the same type and egg group this is essential for making an egg, failure to do so will result in disappointment.

  1. To see all the Pokemon’s egg groups you can check via Serebii’s Pokedex. You have to place the Pokemon of the same egg group and the opposite gender in a nursery and they will produce an egg.
  2. You can breed almost any type of a Pokemon with a Ditto if you cannot find the opposite gender, this is only applicable to non Legendary and Mythical Pokémon.
  3. To catch a Ditto you will have to go to Lake of Outrage, and once you have it you can drop off the Pokemon to breed with Ditto at any of the two nurseries. You can find one at Bridge Field zone in the Wild Area and one on Route 5.
  4. After you drop off the Pokemon with the nursery worker, you can go away and then come back after sometime. Once the egg is ready the nursery worker will change her hand position to a more thinking position.
  5. You can then ask the nursery worker about the condition of the Pokemon and she will tell you about the compatibility.

The compatibility of the Pokemon depends on how long it takes for the egg to be produced.

After you beat Leon, you can go and take on Game Freak designer Shigeki Morimoto in Hotel Ionia in Circhester. If you are successful, you will be rewarded with an Oval Charm which will help you produce more eggs when you give your Pokemon away for breeding.

If you wish to have the nature of a Pokemon to be passed on to the baby Pokemon you will have to give it an Everstone and this will make sure that the baby Pokemon will have the traits of the Pokemon with the Everstone.

If you wish to hatch the eggs faster then you will have to carry a Pokemon with the Flame Body ability in your party with the eggs.

Pokemon like Sizzlipede, Centiskorch, Carkol, Coalossal, Litwick, Lampent, and Chandelure all have a chance to have Flame Body. Other Pokemon need to hold a certain item in order to produce a certain egg for the specific Pokemon you wish to have.

Incense Breeding Pokémon in Sword and Shield

Parent Pokémon > Baby Pokémon > Held item

  • Wobbuffet > Wynaut > Lax Incense
  • Roselia/Roserade >Budew > Rose Incense
  • Sudowoodo > Bonsly > Rock Incense
  • Mr. Mime/Mr. Rime > Mime Jr. > Odd Incense
  • Mantine > Mantyke > Wave Incense
  • Snorlax > Munchlax >Full Incense

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