How To Find Nintendo Switch If Lost?

Can’t seem to find your Nintendo Switch? Find out how you can track your console if it has been misplaced or stolen.

Nintendo Switch is a very popular video game console, and in spite of so many new up-and-coming consoles introduced in the market, it has still withheld its status. Additionally, since it is portable, it is much easier to use and comes with a plethora of features, that will always keep you entertained.

Considering all these qualities, this device has millions of users, however, there is one common issue that most of them face and that is misplacing their console. Therefore, if you have been wondering how you can find a lost or stolen Nintendo Switch, we have listed a few simple steps that could help you out.

How to Find My Lost Nintendo Switch

Can You Track A Nintendo Switch

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to track the Nintendo Switch by yourself, since the console doesn’t have an in-built tracking system. However, here are some steps you can take instead –

Use Bluetooth Trackers

You can connect your system to a Bluetooth tracking device. One of the most popular ones among Nintendo Switch users is Tile Mate. You can easily find this device on Amazon for under $20. However, before you invest in any third-party apps, it is necessary to understand that the functions of these can only be accessible within a certain distance.

Along with that, you will also have to make sure the network is not interrupted. That being said, this system will be useful if you often misplace your console in your house itself.

Install the Nintendo Switch Online app

Another option would be to download and install the Nintendo Switch Online app. Once you sign in to your account, you will have to go to your settings and enable the ‘Find My Device’ option.

Once your data is synchronized you will be able to access this feature and find your Nintendo Switch, when you lose it, if the location services are enabled on your console.

How to Track a Stolen Nintendo Switch

If you already use any third-party device to track your Nintendo Switch and still aren’t able to find it, there is a possibility that your device has been stolen. In this situation, you will have to contact customer support and ask them to track your Nintendo Switch. Even though you can’t track it yourself, Nintendo customer service can help you track your console using a serial number.

This number will be located next to the USB-C port, at the bottom of your device. You will then have to contact customer support and provide them with the serial number. They will let you know about the console’s location based on where the device was connected last to any internet network.

Once you get all the information you require from customer support, you can take the next step and inform the police about your stolen device. Additionally, make sure to deactivate your Nintendo account if your console has been robbed.

This is everything you need to know if you are trying to find your lost or stolen Nintendo Switch. Also, if you are looking for other helpful guides, make sure to visit our Nintendo Switch and Tech section, right here on Gamer Tweak.