How To Tame & Breed Horses In Minecraft (Breeding Guide)

Wondering how to breed horses in Minecraft? Then check out the easy steps to get started.

In Minecraft, Horses are very useful animals that you can tame and breed. They can not only be used to traverse around the sandbox world but to also get a Mule. For those who are unaware, Mule is a hybrid of horse and donkey, that can allow you to carry items easily. If you are looking forward to having some friendly pets around then we are here to help. In this guide, we will guide you through the steps to tame and breed horses easily. So without any further ado let’s dive right into it.

How Can I Tame & Breed Horses in Minecraft?

How To Tame & Breed Horses in Minecraft to get Mule
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In Minecraft, you can breed horses by feeding both parties Golden Apples & Golden Carrots. But before that, you will have to tame two horses and for that head to Plains & Savanna in the overworld. As soon as you spot some, simply approach the horse empty-handed and click the Use button. Doing so will allow you to mount the horse empty-handed and make it your friend. However, there can be times when the horse can buck you and run away. In this case, we recommend you craft a Lead and Fence Post to tie up the wild animals and keep trying until you mount them. Once you do, you’ll see hearts pop up indicating that you have tamed the horse successfully. Similarly, repeat the process and tame one more horse required for the breeding process.

After you have two horses tamed, go ahead and feed them a Golden Apple or a Golden Carrot. Once done, you’ll see hearts popping out on the horses’ heads. And after a few seconds, a Foal will appear to whom you can feed vegetables to increase the growth rate. However, during the breeding process ensure that the horses are standing beside each other or else it might not work. On the other hand, if you don’t have the Golden Apple or Carrot then simply look for it in the treasure chest or craft them by yourself. For your reference below we have mentioned the crafting recipe.

  • Golden Apple
    • Place a normal apple in the middle of the 3×3 grid and surround it with golden ingots.
  • Golden Carrot
    • Place a normal carrot in the middle of the 3×3 grid and surround it with golden nuggets.

And that’s how you can tame & breed Horses in Minecraft easily. If you are looking forward to getting a Mule, then scroll down for more details.

How to Get A Mule in Minecraft?

In order to get a Mule all you have to do is breed a Donkey with a Horse. Just like horses, donkeys are found in the Plains and Savannas biomes of Minecraft. Once you successfully mount and tame a donkey simply feed both the parties Golden Apple or Golden Carrot and that’ll do the trick. And after a few seconds, you’ll get yourself a Mule that is fast enough and also carries items around. However, as a downside, you can’t breed Mule with any other animals in the game.

With that said, this is all you need to know about how you can tame & breed Horses or Donkeys in Minecraft easily. While you are here, check out how to get the new Sniffer Mob in the game. Also, take a look at the most popular mods that you should try.