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How to Breed Horses in Minecraft?

Wondering how to breed horses in Minecraft? Look at this guide to learn how to mate two horses.

Minecraft is an open-world simulator game that provides players with the opportunity to build their own world. Players can roam the open environment and experience different environments. May it be building something or living a life full of exploring, Minecraft gives you a unique taste of an adrenaline junkie lifestyle. A part of this experience is to also interact with animals and other NPCs in the game. Horses are majestic creatures and you can finally fulfill your Western Rodeo dreams by breeding these animals.

Mating and Breeding horses Guide

How to breed Horse in Minecraft?

The important thing is to find these horses. Now horses usually spawn in plains and savannas. You can find them in either of these biomes. Basically, they are found in reasons with not much tree cover and areas which have flatlands. If you are however feeling a bit adventurous you can try to steal horses from stables in the villages.

The horses you find in savannas and plains will be wild horses so you will have to tame them. To tame horses in the wild you will have to mount them and break them in. You might fall over a few times in this process but eventually, tiny hearts will appear over the horse’s head which indicates it has been tamed.

You have to repeat this procedure for one more horse. Now the next step you have to undertake is to build a pen for your horses. Make sure that the pen is small so that the horses aren’t too far apart from one another as they have to be within 8 blocks of each other to mate. Now to get to the lovemaking part you have to coax both of them into it by feeding them golden apples and golden carrots. After you have fed them enough tiny hearts will be visible over their head as they move towards each other. Soon after, a foal will appear.

If you are planning to breed multiple foals at one time you have got to remain patient as well as have enough stock of golden apples or golden carrots. The horses have a cool-down period of 5 minutes before they can go at it again.

Now that you have a cute baby horse you have to remember that they grow up pretty soon; 20 minutes actually. You will need to tame them too as you did with their parents. Once done you can ride off into the sunset. That was all you needed to know about breeding horses. Look up how to breed villagers in Minecraft. It will let you increase your village population and also learn how to get honey or how to whisper in Minecraft.