Marvel’s Avengers: How To Break Doors With Characters?

Are some characters not able to open breakable doors? Here are some workarounds for this issue you are facing in Marvel's Avengers game.

While playing Marvel’s Avengers game, you might be wondering why some characters aren’t able to open breakable doors. To make things less confusing for you, we have made a list of characters/heroes that can break doors as well as those who cannot. It is strange that only some playable characters can break down doors, but we will explain how you can make it happen for others.

How to Break Doors in Marvel’s Avengers

This is how the following characters will be able to break doors in Marvel’s Avengers.

To break doors as Black Widow, you can hack the terminals near some of them.

For Kamala Khan, Thor and Hulk, you can use a heavy attack by holding the Triangle button. This will open up the breakable doors instantly.

Now, for Iron Man, you won’t be able to do it normally. You need to bring out the Hulkbuster and use the heavy or light attack to open up the door. It is an Ultimate though but you can cancel it immediately if you want to save up some energy. Press L1 on PS4 to get the rest of your Ult back. See it here in action:

The only workaround for breaking doors with iron man from PlayAvengers

Can Captain America do this?

Captain America can neither smash open doors in Marvel’s Avengers nor hack terminals which is unfortunate. Crystal Dynamics has taken fan feedback for this problem and are working on it. Players are hoping that the developers add the ability to at least tell the AI to break doors or hack the terminal. The best option would be to make any character able to break them in the game.

That’s everything you need to know about some characters not being able to open breakable doors and how to make it work. We have lots of useful Avengers game tips and tricks to help you out, so check them out right here on Gamer Tweak. Keep reading about where to find Exotic Gear, and how to easily defeat AIM Warship boss. Plus, here’s where to find Dreadbots.