Marvel’s Avengers: Where To Find Dreadbots?

Find dreadbots and complete wiring bundles challenge.

Marvel’s Avengers sports various tasks, missions, and daily challenges. One of these daily challenges is the Wiring Bundles challenge, and that’s where dreadbots come into the picture. Dreadbots are one of the many in-game foes that you will encounter in the game. When you defeat them, they drop wiring bundles, which are essential for completing the challenge. This Marvel’s Avenger’s where to find dreadbots guide will help you easily locate dreadbots to defeat them and collect the wiring bundles.

Where to Find Dreadbots in Marvel’s Avengers?

There are multiple locations where you can find dreadbots in Marvel’s Avengers. However, there is one location where you can find two dreadbots within no time. The location that we are talking about is in the Enter The Avengers Threat sector. Once you enter the sector head for Ash hotel and then find the bridge past it.

One of the dreadbots will be there just before the bridge on the crossroads. When you have the wiring bundle, just cross the bridge and locate the next one. Defeat both these dreadbots and gain two wiring bundles.

That’s the best location to find dreadbots in Marvel’s Avengers and get wiring bundles. However, only two bundles might not be enough to complete the wiring bundle challenge. Depending on the numbers, you would want more of them. Now, to get more wiring bundles a simple step is to restart the mission. This won’t bring your bundles to count back to zero, but it will surely respawn the dreadbots in the exact same location. Simply head over there and repeat the process to get more wiring bundles.

Since you now know where to find dreadbots in Marvel’s Avengers, it will be easy to complete the wiring bundles challenge in the game. There are various such missions in the game. One of them is the missing links mission where you can find and open depots to get useful items.