Where To Find Exotic Gear In Marvel’s Avengers

Exotic gear in Marvel's Avengers will help you to grow your power levels. Check out the fastest way to get exotic gears in Marvel's Avengers

Exotic gear in Marvel’s Avenger will help you boost your level cap taking you to higher power levels than you can with other gear. These exotic gears also offer up interesting buffs to the player and will most certainly give you an edge over your opponents. If you want to know how to get exotic gears in Marvel’s Avengers, check this guide out.

How To Get Exotic Gear In Marvel’s Avengers

Exotic Gears are items that your character can equip in Marvel’s Avengers that will help them get to a better power level than before while also increasing overall stats. These gears can be found while playing the game and you can find them by defeating enemies, opening chests, and completing missions that you get in the game.

But the exotic gear does not drop unless you reach level 130 in the game, only after this will you be able to get your hands on a piece of Exotic gears in Marvel’s Avengers. Things like The Sacred Norn Stone of Lethal Will and Tactigon can be found automatically by just playing the game.

By using non-exotic gears, your power level will not go beyond 140 and will be capped here, but by using Exotic Gears you can push your power level up to 150 in Marvel’s Avengers.

For others, you will need to grind out and get them by playing various game modes, that offer a better chance of dropping exotic gear in Marvel’s Avengers.

Game modes like War Zone are perfect to collect exotic gear, you will keep on finding new and exciting gear in Marvel’s Avengers.

You should also try to run Hives as much as possible; this provides you with waves after waves of enemies coming at you.

You should also check out AIM’s secret labs when they get released as they too will be a great source of farming exotic gear in the game. These are the things that you should be doing to get more exotic gears in Marvel’s Avengers.

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