How To Easily Defeat AIM Warship Boss In Marvel’s Avengers

The Aim Warship boss fight in Marvel's Avengers will appear in Mayhem Over Manhattan mission. Use our tips and tricks to defeat Aim's Warship

The AIM Warship Boss in Marvel’s Avengers is one of the endgame boss fights in the game and can be defeated easily if you know a few tricks on how to do it. If you’ve been struggling with the boss fight, reading this guide will clear all your doubts and make it easy to defeat the AIM Warship Boss in Marvel’s Avengers.

How To Defeat AIM Warship Boss In Marvel’s Avengers

The Aim Warship Bossfight in Marvel’s Avengers comes towards the end of the game and by this point, your characters in the game must be well equipped with the best gear and attacks in the game. Even though if you’re a little underpowered, it will be okay.

This boss fight comes during the Mayhem over Manhattan mission and depending on the character that you’ve chosen you should alter your strategies.

If your character can fly like Thor or Iron Man, you should keep your main focus on the ship itself, there will be a few adds on the ground but they aren’t your priority at this point, simply keep your firepower focused on the ship’s weak points.

You should take out the turrets as soon as possible, this will enable you to not take heavy hits while you’re attacking the ship. Check the wing of the jet and destroy these turrets as they will keep their aim fixed on you.

Use your ranged attack and take out the turrets asap, this will help you clear out a major hurdle before taking on the warship itself. If you have a character that cannot fly, get up close to these turrets and destroy them at the soonest.

If you do not have a flying character, use anyone else and get on the warship. Use the jump pads scattered around to get on the warships and start clearing out as many enemies as you can find.

You will get to see all the vulnerabilities of the warship as you get close, destroy all the spots that get highlighted and you will cause more damage in lesser time, rather than wasting that time on other targets.

Once you’re done destroying all the weak spots on the warship itself, get on the ground and target the weak spots at the bottom of the warship. You will find additional weak points that are essential for you to take down.

Take out all the turrets and weak points and you will down AIM’s Warship in no time, this is all there is to know about how to defeat AIM’s warship in Marvel’s Avengers.

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