Bitlife Addictions: How To Get Addicted To Alcohol (Gatsby Challenge)

Here's how to get addicted to alcohol in Bitlife to complete the Gatsby Challenge. Find out how to have an addiction & get the Addict ribbon.

In the Bitlife Gatsby Challenge, you will be tasked with getting addicted to alcohol after becoming a famous author and throwing wild parties. So how to get addicted to alcohol in Bitlife and complete this challenge? This guide will explain it to you in simple steps.

How to Get Addicted to Alcohol in Bitlife?

How To Become Addicted To Alcohol Bitlife gatsby challenge

To become addicted to alcohol, you have visit night clubs over and over again and get all the drinks. Night Clubs will be under the Activities tab. By accepting drink offers while clubbing, you will become an alcohol addict and get your Addict ribbon.

How to Complete the Gatsby Challenge

In order to complete the Gatsby Challenge, you have to do the following things:

  • Live in New York
  • Be a famous author
  • Have 20+ friends
  • Throw 10+ wild parties in your mansion
  • Become addicted to alcohol

To begin, you have to start a life in New York or move from somewhere else to NY, US by choosing the Emigrate option in Activities tab.

Next, to become a famous writer, you have to make sure that you graduate High School and have high smarts. You can achieve this by reading a lot. Working for years and years as a writer will give you fame which is what will help you become a famous author.

In order to get 20+ friends, you have to age up and accept friend requests until you reach more than 20 friends. Since you will already be famous writer, making friends will become easier.

With that done, you have to throw more than 10 wild parties in your mansion. To get a mansion, you need to have a lot of wealth. Once you have collected enough, head over to the Assets section to buy a mansion. After you get the mansion, you will see the option to throw a party when you view the property.

Lastly, you have to get addicted to alcohol which we have discussed above.

That’s all there is to do to get addicted to alcohol in Bitlife and complete the Gatsby Challenge. If you are curious to know more about other careers in this game, check out our guides on how to sell and buy a house in Bitlife and how to become a Monk easily.