How To Beat Machine Golem R In Trials Of Mana Remake?

Take down these pesky robots

There are a lot of bosses to fight in Trials of Mana, like Zable Fahr, Zehnoa, Fiegmund and also Machine Golem R. Each of them requires different tactics and strategies if you want to beat them. In this guide, you will know how to defeat Machine Golem R.

Machine Golem R Boss Guide

This Level 9 boss will be created by Altena Mages at the Stonesplit Gap bridge. Two robots will appear at the ends of the bridge and within no time, they will start blasting fireballs at you. But to be honest, Machine Golem R isn’t a ruthless enemy at all, so beating him should not be too tough. You need to be at least level 10 to knock down this opponent.

Machine Golem R has a lot of HP so they can take a lot of damage. Hence, choose your attacks while keeping that in mind. Also select ‘target the same enemy’ in the Strategy section because it’s best to take these enemies down one at a time.

Strategies To Defeat This Enemy

Machine Golem R will attack you with his arms in an attack called Smack but only if you are caught in close range with him. Avoid going too close and he won’t get the chance to hit you.

Some more attacks he uses are the Rocket Punch and Drill Missile where he will raise his fists and shoot at you. But don’t worry, because you will have a window of opportunity to dodge this based on the red lines that will appear on the floor.


There’s also the Rocket Launcher where he launches rockets at you. The lines are wider in Rocket Launcher than the ones that appear during Rocket Punch, so roll out of these areas as soon as possible. The target lines that appear make it very easy to dodge them if you act quickly.

But just because Machine Golem R are slow robots doesn’t mean that they won’t be able to take you on at all. Their attacks deal quite a bit of physical damage, but with some strategies, defeating them both can be easy.

Use a Candy to restore HP if your party members’ HP drops to 50 or under. If you have Charlotte on your team, then use her healing ability. In this fight, you need to unleash Class Strikes consistently and use Holy Bolt if you have Angela in the team.

So there you have it. For more tips and tricks, check out our Trials of Mana Remake guides on GamerTweak.