How to Beat Zable Fahr in Trials of Mana Remake?

The Benevodon of Darkness

Zable Fahr is quite a dangerous enemy in Trials of Mana Remake who has unique skills and abilities. He is a Benevodon of Darkness who appears as three giant and terrifying heads. But only one of these heads contains the life of the boss. He is also the toughest Benevodon to beat in the game, so let’s find out how to defeat Zable Fahr in this guide.

Zable Fahr Boss Guide

Unlike Anise the Witch, Zable Fahr doesn’t seem to have any personality. All he does is coldly unleash magic attacks with the intention of pure destruction. In the first phase of your battle with this foe, you are tasked with killing two of his heads. Once you beat them, they will “die”. But get ready for a more challenging battle that lies ahead.

In no time, a third head will appear. This head, in particular, looks quite different from the other two heads. After it appears, it will ‘reanimate’ the other two heads and now all three of them will begin attacking you. The head in the center is the main boss and contains his life source. Killing it will also kill the other two.

Let’s take a look at some of the common attacks from this enemy. There’s the Tongue attack where their tongues (which have mouths) will attack you. Then, there’s the Fetid Breath, Darkness Beam and Flame Radiation. Zable Fahr also makes use of Dark magic in the form of Dark Force. Evil Gate and Anti Magic are some more of their usual attacks.

The Boss, on the other hand, has more intense attacks like Black Curse, Dark Blazon, Hell Cross and more.

How to Fight Zable Fahr

The first thing you should know is that he is weak to light, so use this to your advantage. If you have Duran or Charlotte on your team, you can use Saint Saber.

When the enemy uses the Dark Beam attack, he will create red circles on the ground. Avoid these areas at any cost.

Zable Fahr’s Evil Gate attack will create lines on the ground and if you are caught in them, you will take damage, so keep moving to dodge them. He will also unleash fire attacks which you can avoid by moving away from it.


The boss will also use Hell Cross (his ultimate skill) which will cause devastating effects on all team members, so make sure to remove the spheres through which the beam passes through. Take fast action because if you are too late, they will turn to spinning triangles and cause an explosion that will massively cut your HP. He will also summon demons that you must kill off.

You need to prioritize beating the two heads on the sides when all three of them are active. After you take them out, you can focus all your attention on the main boss as a team. After you beat him, Zable Fahr will let out a bloodcurdling scream, much to your relief.

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