How To Ping In Lost Ark (Explained)

Here's how to ping on the map & check your server ping in Lost Ark.

Pinging in games is critical to pinpoint a location during action-packed fighting. This saves your time of typing or explaining the location, and notify everyone in your group to turn their attention or move towards an area. So like most games, Lost Ark also implements this feature. So here’s how to Ping in Lost Ark.

How to Ping in Lost Ark Map

To Ping in Lost Ark, you need to hold the “Ctrl” key and use the mouse left click on your surroundings. You can also open the mini-map using the “Tab” button and ping it directly. If your location is far away, use the “M” button to open the entire map, and use the Shift + Right mouse button to ping and send the location directly to the chat.

So to bring it into pointers, here are the three main ways to Ping in Lost Ark:

  • Ctrl+LMB
  • Tab for mini-map and ping in it
  • M to open-world map, then Shift+RMB

If you wondering how to check your server ping, then you can continue below.

how to ping map and check your server ping in Lost Ark

How to Check Server Ping?

To check & show Lost Ark server ping:

  1. Press on “Esc” to open “Game Menu”
  2. Or from the main menu, click on “Services”
  3. It will have a “Gear” icon
  4. This will be on the lower right side of the main menu
  5. Now click on “Game Menu”
  6. Click on “Settings”
  7. Now click on the “Gameplay” tab
  8. Click on “Controls and Display”
  9. Scroll to “UI”
  10. Select “Always Show” in the “Show Network Latency” option
  11. Click on “Apply” then “OK”
  12. Now your ping will show on your screen always
  13. This will be on the lower left side of the screen

So that’s it for how to ping on the map & check your server ping. While you are here, check out more interesting topics in our Lost Ark Guides like Best Classes Tier ListMokoko Seeds LocationsWhich Server To Join (List), and more.