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All Mokoko Lost Ark Seeds Locations

Find all the locations for the Mokoko Seeds in Lost Ark.

Mokoko seeds are one of the currencies in Lost Ark, and you can find them in a host of different locations across the game’s vast map. Since the map in the game is so huge, however, it can be tricky to know each of these locations. In this guide, we will make life easier by showing you the locations of Mokoko Seeds in Lost Ark. We will also show you the different uses of these seeds, as well as the rewards you can get from it.

Lost Ark Mokoko Seeds Locations (How to Collect & Rewards)



As you can see, this is how vast the map is in Lost Ark. To narrow down your search for Mokoko Seeds, here’s a link to Papunika.com. Here, you will be able to zoom into individual cities and islands and check for the locations of Mokoko Seeds. You can apply the relevant filters to help make your search even easier.

Prideholme Mokoko Seed Location



Ozhorn Hill Mokoko Seed Location



Medrick Monastery Mokoko Seed Location


Rethramis Border Mokoko Seed Location



Kandaria Mokoko Seed Location


Ruins of Bell-Illion Seed Location


Siena Monastery Seed Location


Wind Hill Seed Location


Log Hill Seed Location


Mount Zagoras Mokoko Seed Location


Vern Castle


How to Collect Mokoko Seeds?

To collect Mokoko Seeds in Lost Ark, you first need to go to their location. The location for these seeds is represented by a pear-like icon. Once you arrive here, press the G button. Doing so will cause a prompt that reads “It gives off a gentle and pleasing aroma”. You need to keep pressing the G button until the bar fills up. Once it does fill up, you will find that the Mokoko points have been added to your Collectibles inventory.

You can view the number of seeds you have by clicking on the “!” icon located towards the bottom left of your screen. Once you do so, click on the Mokoko Seeds icon. Here, you will be able to find the number of seeds you have with you, along with the number of seeds acquired in each region.

Mokoko Seed Rewards

Totoma Card 50 Rare
Kindness Potion 100 Epic
Stronghold Crew Application Form: Chicachica 150 Uncommon
Vitality Increase Potion 200 Epic
Crew Application Form: Cocorico 250 Rare
Stat Increase Potion 300 Epic
Mokamoka Card 350 Epic
Paradise’s Knight License 400 Legendary
15 x Eurus Blueprint 450 Uncommon
Stronghold Crew Application Form: Mukomuko 500 Epic
3 x Shy Wind Flower Pollen 550 Legendary
20 x Eurus Blueprint 600 Uncommon
Crew Application Form: Poipoi 650 Epic
Title “Mokoko Hunter” 700 Legendary
Structure: “Mokoko Seed Monument” 750 Legendary
Transform: Egg of Creation 800 Legendary
Stronghold Crew Application Form: Kind Paruru 850 Legendary
Background: Moki Toki 900 Relic
Masterpiece #32 950 Epic
Ship Model: Blooming Caravel 1,000 Epic
Crew Application Form: Narinari 1,050 Legendary
Title “Nice Smelling” 1,100 Legendary
Masterpiece #44 1,150 Epic
Mokoko Charm 1,200 Legendary
Weird Mokoko Emoji Pack Legendary

These are all of the resources and commodities you can get your hands on, as long as you have enough of Mokoko Seeds.