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How To Heal In Medieval Dynasty

Heal and continue your survival.

Medieval Dynasty is a survival game, and healing is important in any survival game. If you are running low on health and you cannot heal yourself, you are certainly going to die. There are numerous situations in the Medieval Dynasty that can make your health go low. For instance, being attacked by animals, being poisoned, being hungry, or lack of sleep are some of the scenarios that can reduce your health. If you don’t act fast in these situations, there is no chance you can make it too far in the game. And frankly speaking healing in Medieval Dynasty is easy, yet confusing. There are multiple ways to heal in Medieval Dynasty and one way is more useful in one scenario while the other is useful in other scenarios.

In this Medieval Dynasty healing guide, we will walk you through all the different options available to heal in Medieval Dynasty.


How to Heal in Medieval Dynasty

Below is the list of all the possible ways to heal in Medieval Dynasty.

Get Sleep


One of the best ways to heal in Medieval Dynasty is by taking an adequate amount of sleep. The only problem here is that the game only allows you to sleep during the night. Hence, you will have to wait until the night to heal in this way. To build a nice house and get an adequate amount of sleep.

Moral Mushrooms

Eating can heal in Medieval Dynasty. Moral Mushrooms are quite hard to find but an important resource to heal in the game. They spawn only in the forest and only mostly during the autumn.



BroadLeaf or BroadLeaf plantain offers sufficient healing and can be found in the forests. One BroadLeaf plantain can boost 10 hp health. You will find BroadLeaf plantain between Gustovia and Denica.


Another consumable that can help heal in Medieval Dynasty is flatbread. You can only consume flatbread after constructing a Tavern. Flatbreads are not something that you can get by exploring, they are crafted from Tavern. Each flatbread piece can give +5 HP health.


St. John’s Wort Herb

You can get poisoned in Medieval Dynasty by eating certain foods and this can cause your HP to go down. To get rid of the poison, you will have to consume St. John’s Wort Herb that can be found in the jungle.

Build a Campfire

Collect sticks scattered across the map and build a campfire. A campfire can help you heal because of the heat, and it can also allow you to have sleep near it.

Get a Wife

Finally, the last way to heal in Medieval Dynasty is by getting a wife. Yes, even that is possible in Medieval Dynasty. Your wife can help heal you in the game.

Those were all the methods through which you can heal in Medieval Dynasty. Water is as important as food in Medieval Dynasty. You can easily get and drink water in the game. But to be able to carry water around along, you will need to have a Water Skin in Medieval Dynasty. You should also focus on collecting other resources such as rocks and technology in the game.