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How To Get Technology In Medieval Dynasty

Technology is required for building structures in Medieval Dynasty.

Technology is an important aspect of Medieval Dynasty. Without technology, you cannot progress in the game as it is required for almost everything right from farming to the building. However, understanding technology in Medieval Dynasty can be a bit challenging, and that’s what we are here for. In this Medieval Dynasty Technology guide, we will walk you through everything that you need to know to progress seamlessly in the game.

What is Technology Used For in Medieval Dynasty


Technology in Medieval Dynasty is used for unlocking new structures and buildings. It is also used for farming. Structures such as Food Storage also requires technology to build. Hence, we can say that it is required for various tasks in Medieval Dynasty. The more advanced and bigger the structure, the greater is the technology requirement.

How to Increase Technology in Medieval Dynasty

There are different modes of increasing technology in Medieval Dynasty. Also, the amount of technology required for different tasks depends on the tasks themselves. For instance, farming requires you to increase technology by sowing seeds and ploughing. On the other hand, the building requires you to increase technology by building more structures or upgrading the existing ones.


That’s everything we have to cover in this Medieval Dynasty Technology guide. While you are here exploring technology, you can get into a whole new zone of farming and building in Medieval Dynasty. You can read our guides on how to remove tree stumps and then build houses on them. You can also read about how to put seeds into a bag and sow them anywhere you want. Another thing worth reading is how to get the primary resource rocks in Medieval Dynasty.