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How To Get Rocks In Medieval Dynasty

Rock is a primary resource.

Rocks are one of the resources in Medieval Dynasty and an important one. They are used to build and craft several essential and useful items in the game. But for some reasons, unlike some other resources such as sticks, rocks are pretty hard to find in Medieval Dynasty. To find rocks, you need to keep your eye out throughout while exploring the paths of the game. Follow this guide to know where to look to find rocks in Medieval Dynasty.

Where to Find Rocks in Medieval Dynasty


Although rocks are a primary resource, they are not found at every location. To find a decent amount of rocks, you need to look at some specific locations. Here’s the list of all the locations where you can look to get rocks in Medieval Dynasty.

Forests: You can find rocks deep in the forests. Keep your eyes down as the rocks can be under some trees and they can be hard to spot.

Edges of Paths: While walking on the path, players can find rocks along the edges.


Caves: When you have progressed in the game and got an axe, you can get into the caves and extract rocks from there.

Behind Houses: Look behind the houses scattered across the map and you can find a handful of rocks at some locations.

That’s all the locations where you can find rocks in Medieval Dynasty. Once you have collected a decent amount of rocks, you can craft items such as stone axe and knife. These items can be used for tasks such as cutting trees or killing animals.


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