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Medieval Dynasty: How To Get Water Skin

Water Skin will allow you to carry water.

Just like all the other survival games, water is an important resource for survival in Medieval Dynasty. Finding water is not that difficult in the game. You will have a river nearby to where you spawn in the game. You can directly drink water from this river or any other stream that you locate nearby to kill your thirst. However, relying only on the nearby river will reduce your chances of exploration and enjoying the game. What to drink when you are not nearby any river or deep down into any forest. That’s where Water Skin comes into the picture. If you get Water Skin in Medieval Dynasty, you will not have to worry about thirst again in the game.

How to Get Water Skin in Medieval Dynasty


Water Skin allows players to carry water along with them, which they can drink whenever they are thirsty. Now, there are multiple ways to get Water Skin in Medieval Dynasty. One of the ways is to buy it from the town in 200 coins from Uniegost, it is expensive.

To gather 200 coins in Medieval Dynasty at the beginning, you can opt to craft resources such as stone axes and skinning knives by using sticks and rocks. Once you have enough items, you can sell them to different vendors in the game and earn coins in Medieval Dynasty.

Another way to get the Water Skin is through the wolves quest. It is a free way where you can get Water Skin in Medieval Dynasty without spending a single coin. When you talk to Uniegost in the game, you will find out that he has some trouble with the wolves. He will ask you to talk to the hunter in the village. While heading to the hunter’s lodge during the wolves quest, you will come across a broken fence as you go past a small lake.


Now when you take a few steps to the right from the fence, you will locate a broken cart. Within the cart will be a Water Skin awaiting you. All you need to do is pick the Skin from there and use it to always carry water around you.

Now you know both the ways to get Water Skin in Medieval Dynasty. All that’s left to do now is get a Water Skin and start your survival journey in the game. Ensure to collect other primary resources such as rocks while progressing in the game. You will also need to get and increase technology in Medieval Dynasty to be able to build structures.