How To Find Smuggling Tunnels In Warzone 2 DMZ

Here is a guide on the exact location of the Smuggling Tunnels in Warzone 2.

Don’t know where to find the Smuggling tunnels in Warzone 2? Let us help you. Smuggling Tunnels is a tier two White Lotus mission in Season 2 DMZ. The three main objectives of the mission are to find the tunnels, place tactical cameras and extract successfully. Many players are falling short of completing the first objective itself as they are not aware of where the entrances to these tunnels are. This guide will help you get the exact location of these elusive smuggling tunnels in the game.

Where to Find Smuggling Tunnels in Warzone 2 DMZ

First things first, these tunnels are located in Al Mazrah and not the brand new Ashika Island map. The Smuggling Tunnels can be found in the northern part of the DMZ map just above Zarqwa Hydroelectric. There are a total of three entrances to this tunnel, we have marked them on the map below:

entrances dmz smuggling tunnels

While Entrance A is part of a Stronghold house, Entrance B & C are located near a cave and inside an empty well respectively. Before you make your way to these entrances, make sure that you have a Stronghold key. You can find the key as a dropped item in DMZ after eliminating enemies nearby.

Entrance C is among the easiest among the other two. Once you get inside the tunnel you will have to clear all enemies inside. Some of them are equipped with riot shields as well, so be careful. Since your next objective is to place cameras watching two of the entrances, its best done in a group rather than solo. If you don’t have a tactical camera on you, you will most likely find them lying around in the Smuggling Tunnels itself.

After you place the cameras, the hard part of the DMZ mission is now over. All you have to do is extract successfully. So, quickly get to the nearest exfil point to successfully end the mission. You can also find Smuggling Tunnels in exact locations in Battle Royale as well.

We hope you have now learned how to find the Smuggling Tunnels in Warzone 2. If this guide was able to help you out, then do take a look at how to restore Honor in Resurgence, how to find Sea Treasures Token and how to get better at Warzone 2 on Gamer Tweak.