How To Use & Find Sea Treasures Token Warzone 2

Here is a guide on how to use Sea Treasures tokens in Warzone 2.

Got some Sea Treasure tokens in Warzone 2 but don’t know how to use them? The Ashika Island aka the Resurgence map is out live and many players have noticed a new form of currency which are called Sea tokens in the game. These Ashika Island coins are displayed by a diamond shaped icon in your bag and can be used in exchange for amazing. So, how do you use them in the Resurgence map? Let’s find out!

How to Use Sea Treasures Token in Warzone 2

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You can use Sea Treasures tokens at Gas stations in Warzone 2 to get exciting loot items. Just head to your nearest Gas station on the Ashika Island map and you’ll be able to find a Sea Treasures machine inside. Go ahead and use your sea tokens on the machine by pressing the “Use Machine” trigger.

The machine will start beeping for a few seconds before dishing out your rewards. The noises can indicate whether you have won or lost. You can get weapons, ammo and even killstreaks if you win. However, if you lose, you will only get a single armor plate.

The Sea Treasures machine actually looks like a real-life arcade machine. There are four gas stations on the Ashika Island map in which you can find these machines. Simply zoom into your Tac map in-game and head to the location that’s marked with a “Gas Can” icon. If you haven’t had a chance to grab Sea Tokens in Warzone 2, then here is how to find them:

How to Find Sea Treasures Token Warzone 2

The best way to get Sea Treasures token is from Reusable Supply Boxes. However, you can also find them in Random supply crate drops and as loot from downed enemies. But the odds of finding them are quite lower compared to the Reusable Supply Box. These boxes are rectangular in shape and blue in color with 3 green lights at the front. It shouldn’t be a huge task coming across these tokens while playing the Resurgence map in Warzone 2 as they are found in abundance.

With that, we explained everything you need to know on how to use Sea Treasures token in Warzone 2. For more tips & tricks like this, check out the best meta weapon to use or the best Akimbo pistol loadouts in our Warzone 2 section on Gamer Tweak.