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How To Get Better At Warzone 2 – Best Tips, Strategies

Here are the best tips & tricks that will help you win more in Warzone 2.

Players often find it difficult to get better at Warzone 2 when they initially start the game. The game isn’t everyone’s cup of tea and can not be mastered in a day’s time. One requires practice and time to actually master Warzone.  If you’re one of them, don’t worry because we are here with the best settings and strategies which will help you get better at Warzone 2.

How to Get Better at Warzone 2

how to get better at warzone 2

Change A Few Settings

These settings are subjective and alter them as you feel convenient.

Fix the FOV

You can adjust the FOV even before parachuting in the map. From the main menu go to settings, then FOV. The lesser the FOV, the less you would be able to see. A larger FOV helps you see more of the area but makes it a little difficult to shoot players far away. Keeping it something around 90 to 100 should give the best experience.

Change Parachute options

For beginners, Warzone 2 auto-deploys your parachute for safer landings. Well, this slows you down. By turning off the Parachute Auto Deploy, you will now be able to get to the ground faster and before your enemies have touched the ground you would be all geared up. A special trick is by landing in water. This allows you to land perfected without even deploying your parachute.

Best Tips, Tricks, and Strategies to Win More Fights

Interrogate your enemies

Before your enemy dies, it’s better to interrogate them rather than kill them right away. By interrogating, we don’t mean to talk to them on the microphone but get closer to the downed enemy and tap the interact button. This helps you find the location of your enemy’s teammates not just on your map but you will be able to see through walls as well. A basic tip is to be careful when interacting with a downed enemy in the open as his teammates might be around spying on him.

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Do Contracts

Contracts are like short missions that have their rewards. There are 4 types of these contracts –

  • Secure Intel – Here you have to secure a laptop, take a hard drive and upload its content to another location somewhere on the map. This helps you know the next circle beforehand giving you time to strategize and plan your game.
  • Bounty Contract – This will mark a general location of an enemy for you and your team. Note, that the enemy team will get notified that you’re approaching them.
  • Safecracker Contract – The safecracker contract marks 3 safes around you that you’ll need to break by C-4. The rewards are money and exp.
  • Most Wanted Contract – This marks you on the map for everyone. If you manage your stay alive for 4 minutes, you will receive money and exp. But the best reward between all the four contracts is that you can respawn any of your teammates if you complete the Most Wanted Contract.

Rotate Quite Often

Warzone 2 is a tactical game and you need to outsmart your opponents every other second. It is important to change your positions as the game follows. This helps you stay away from encountering opponents and getting into tricky situations.

Use Vehicles As Shield

People feel vehicles aren’t good however they seem to be the perfect counter while rotating around the maps. A car or a truck will help you get cover from enemies when you’re getting back inside the safe zone. It’s better than running since it allows you to dodge bullets and also reach a certain place quickly.

Coordinate With Teammates

You can’t win alone in Warzone 2 until you’re an absolute pro. Well since most of us are just self-claimed greats, it’s better to coordinate with your teammates for a better chance of winning the game. Teammates help you get enemies’ location, cover you from angles, and out and out just are great to play alongside.

That’s about it how to get better at Warzone 2. It’s all about being vigilant and having good practice. If you seek more about Warzone 2, do check out the guide which will help you in need.