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How To Restore Honor In Resurgence Warzone 2 (With Video)

Here is a guide on how to restore Honor in Resurgence in Warzone 2.

Want to know how to Restore Honor in Resurgence? Then look no further. This feature is available only in the Resurgence mode and Battle Royale on the Season 2 Ashika Island map. Restoring honor during matches can often be the difference between victory and defeat for your team. So, without any further ado, let us learn how to do it in Call of Duty Warzone 2.

How to Restore Honor in Resurgence Mode of Warzone 2

restore honor ashika map

Players or their teammates will have to collect dog tags in Warzone 2 to restore Honor in Resurgence mode. You will drop dog tags once per match as soon as you are killed by the enemy team. These tags can be picked up when you respawn or by any of your teammates nearby. Keep in mind that you will have to land at the exact location where you died to retrieve the dog tag.

So, how do Resurgence dog tags work? Well, there are several things that it can do which will help you and your teammates win the match:

Radar Ping for Loot

Once you pick up the dog tag, you will immediately get an UAV which will tag locations of Supply Crates within a 50-meter radius. This comes quite handy when you have respawned or when your teammates are falling short of ammo or weapons.

UAV for Enemies

You will also get an additional UAV which will reveal the location of your enemies within a 300-meter radius. If you’re lucky, you will be able to find and eliminate the player who killed you!


Finally, you receive a $1,000 cash boost upon picking up the dog tags. This is extremely helpful when you respawn and are in urgent need of cash to buy weapons.

Here’s a video guide for your reference:

All in all, restoring honor in matches on the Ashika map is quite useful. Moreover, you will also need to do it for the Path of the Ronin Event Challenges which will ultimately help you unlock the Crossbow. Now, you can have less regrets while dying at the hands of your enemies. The only thing that is important here is sticking together with your teammates. A lack of cohesion would nullify the benefits of restoring honor.

That’s all you need to know about how to restore Honor in Resurgence mode on Warzone 2. If you found this helpful, then check out all challenges in the Path of the Ronin Event or how to use Sea Tokens in our Warzone 2 section.