Diablo 4 Fear: How Does Fear Work In D4? (Skull Effect)

What is Fear status effect in D4 and how does it work?

Diablo 4 Fear is one of the status ailments that you can get afflicted by and affect enemies as well, but it can confusing at first. It’s a crowd-control mechanic which can help you out if your foes come too close because it will drive them away but here’s what to do if you get affected by it.

What is Fear in Diablo 4?

When your enemy is affected by the Fear debuff in D4, they will run away from you and won’t be able to attack you for that duration. Your character can also get ‘Fear’ and they will run away in the opposite direction (you won’t be able to make them move anywhere else for that time period). This is when you will be effectively control impaired.

In case you get dealt with Fear and Immobilize/Stun, you won’t be able to move at all and you will stand in place while being attacked by enemies. This has been a recurring element in the Diablo series – right from Diablo 2, 3, and now 4. Similar to previous installments, Fear is useless on bosses.

What is the Skull above the Head in Diablo 4?

When you get afflicted by the Fear status ailment in D4, you will see a skull appear above your character’s head and they will start running away from the caster of attack.

how does fear work in diablo 4
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How to Prevent the Fear Effect?

To prevent getting afflicted this debuff, avoid the AoE attacks by enemies where you may see markings on the ground that lead up to your character running away in horror. Use evades, dashes, and other movement-related skills to get away from the areas.

How to Remove Fear in D4?

You can remove Fear via Unstoppable or Immune effects. Unstoppable basically prevents and removes control-impairing effects like Slow, Daze, Freeze and more.

What are Fear-Related Bonuses?

When you find new gear/abilities, they will have various bonuses which may include the application of Fear. For example, some may reduce the duration of incoming control impairing effects, some may give extra damage to skills when you crowd control foes and some may increase the duration of said CC effects.

And that’s everything you need to know about Fear in D4 and how it works. If you’d like to earn millions of gold in Diablo 4 fast (without any hacks or mods) there’s a way to do it and we’ve explained all of it in our linked guide.