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Diablo 4: How To Farm Millions Of Gold Fast

Gold can run out fast if you are refunding points, upgrading weapons or using other features like imprinting, crafting etc. Here's how to trade and farm gold fast in D4.

Diablo 3 players know the Auction House which let players put up items for auction. There’s no such feature in Diablo 4 and so, if you are wondering how to get millions of gold fast by trading items, there’s Discord, the primary source of trading in most online games these days. We’ll explain how the process works in this guide.

Note that you are not allowed to trade Legendary items, Enchanted items, Quest items, Uniques, and currencies other than Gold. If you’ve obtained higher-level weapons for other classes, want to clear your stash, and wish to get Gold in return, you can try trading in D4 via Discord. You will be able to earn millions of in-game gold quickly through this method.

While you can trade in-game by interacting with a fellow player and selecting the “Invite to Trade” option, there’s a high chance that the player doesn’t want to trade anything at that point. If you are looking for someone with high intent of trading Sacred or Ancestral items with you in Diablo 4, here’s how you can make it happen.

How to Get Millions of Gold Fast in Diablo 4 via Discord

  • Take a screenshot of what you want to trade, with its stats clearly visible. Save the image. You can also make a collage of everything you want to sell in one picture.
  • Head to Discord and join the D4 community. Explore the server and choose the right Trade/LFG channel. You might see various options to trade like rares, elixirs, gems, and the channels will be divided by class as well.
    how to use discord for diablo 4 trading
  • Write your title explaining what you are trading, upload the image, ask people to leave their Battletag, choose the right tag, and post.

discord for diablo 4 lfg trading link

As you can see, there are more than 100,000+ users online at the time of writing this article, so you will get some responses based on the rarity of the item(s) you are trying to trade. People will leave a comment with their offer/bid, and if you are happy with that, you can then add them as a friend on Battlenet and meet them in-game to complete the trade successfully.

Note that some gear, while tradeable, is level locked, so you have to reach that level to be able to use it. The details will be mentioned on the makeshift Auction House for Diablo 4 (aka Discord).

Before trading with other players, if you are still contemplating whether to sell to a vendor, salvage, stash or drop items, here’s how you can make the call.