Diablo 4: What Counts As Stunned? (D4 Stun Explained)

If you want to use an ability related to 'stun' but aren't very sure about what exactly it means under the umbrella of crowd control, here's what you need to know.

Stunned in Diablo 4 is a status ailment that will make enemies staggered for a short period, during which you can unleash your attacks and drain their health. This is different from slowed enemies who will be able to move, just slower. Both of them fall under the category of crowd control.

Knowing the various status effects/ailments (and their subtle differences) is crucial because it can make or break your build. Many abilities are specifically tied to certain ailments and can only be used in the way the skill tree/paragon board mentions it. If you add your skill points or paragon points in the wrong slots, your damage output will suffer. So, look at how you can deal this status effect on mobs for better crowd control. Plus, find out how Immobilized and Stunned are different in D4.

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What is Stunned in Diablo 4?

  • When you stun enemies, they essentially get paralyzed – they cannot attack you or move for a short while. When enemies stun you, the same will apply to you.
  • In terms of PvP, enemy players cannot use their skills and cannot move.

Here’s how Stun compared to similar stats in a nutshell:

Stat Can they Duration
Move Attack
Stun No No Skill/Attack based time
immobilized No Yes Skill/Attack based time
Knocked Down No No Till getting up animation is over

Does Knock Down count as Stun in Diablo 4?

If you are knocking down enemies with your Poison Trap or other abilities, it will not count as a stun, even though the enemy will be incapacitated for a short duration.

Is Frozen considered Stunned?

No, when you Freeze enemies, it is not considered as Stunned. When you stun foes, you should see a blue semicircle on their heads, almost like they are in a daze.

Can D4 Bosses be Stunned?

how to stagger stun bosses diablo 4

  • You cannot use crowd control abilities like Stun to drain the health of bosses, but you can use it to stagger them. While they are immune to CC attacks like stunning, freezing, etc, you can use them to fill up the stagger bar. It’s the thin bar you see under the big red health bar of the boss.
  • Once the stagger bar fills up, it changes from yellow to blue and the boss will get staggered. During this time, you can get all your attacks in and trigger your ultimate to ensure their health takes a big hit.

What is Damage vs Stunned in D4?

Damage vs Stunned is an Offensive stat for Sorcerer/Sorceress class which means that the damage you deal after enemies are stunned will be much higher. Plus, if you are fighting a boss and they get staggered, you can start dealing a lot of attacks while they are under this effect.

What is the Difference between Immobilize and Stun in Diablo 4?

immobilized vs stunned d4
Image credit: Ben Lee Gaming on Youtube
  • A Stunned enemy can’t move and can’t attack you.
  • An Immobilized enemy can’t move but will be able to attack you. So your goal should be to not just immobilize enemies but also have an immediate gameplan to drain their health. Depending on whether it’s a close-range or long ranged enemy, make sure your build has ways to take them down.

That’s what you need to know about what counts as Stun in Diablo 4. If you are yet to complete all Strongholds, we’ve got a guide detailing all the map locations so you can get them done and collect Renown.