Honkai Star Rail Main Characters List – Names, Path & Other Details

If you are not familiar with the Honkai Star Rail roster then check out the characters list below.

In HSR, you’ll get to see many 4 Star & 5 Star playable characters to unlock. In this new Honkai title, you’ll have to choose 4 powerful units that will help you throughout your journey. Here, every character follows a Path and has an Element that defines their attack types. If you are not familiar with the characters available in the game, then we’ve got you covered. Below we have mentioned  a list of all Honkai Star Rail main characters’ Names, Rarity, Path & other details

All Honkai Star Rail Main Characters List (Confirmed Playable Units)

All Honkai Star Rail Main Characters List Names Path & Other Details

As of now, there are 27 playable main characters available in the Honkai Star Rail roster. That includes all the 4 Star & 5 Star units for you to unlock. However, only 8 of them will be available for free in the early stages of the game but do require story progression. For your reference, below we have categorized all the characters on the base of their Elements. Before you begin, let us tell you Trailblazer is one of the 5 Star characters who has the ability to adapt Path & Element. However, you can still choose the gender of this unit.

List of Ice Element Characters

There are 5 Ice Element units available for you to unlock. Ice character tends to stun the enemy and cause a Freeze status effect with their attacks.

Characters  Rarity  Path
Yanqing 5 Star The Hunt
Gepard 5 Star The Preservation
Herta 4 Star The Erudition
March 7th 4 Star The Preservation
Pela 4 Star The Nihility

List of All Fire Element Characters

There are 3 Fire Element characters available in the game. This element tends to do additional damage and cause burn status effects.

Characters Rarity Path
Hook 4 Star The Destruction
Asta  4 Star The Harmony
Himeko 5 Star The Erudition

List of Lightning Characters

The game features 6 Lightning Element main characters that can be obtained in Honkai Star Rail. This element inflicts lighting damage and also causes a Shock status effect to the enemies.

Characters  Rarity Path
Bailu 5 star The Abundance
Kafka 5 Star The Nihility
Jing Yuan 5 Star The Erudition
Serval 4 Star The Erudition
Arlan 4 Star The Destruction
Tingyun 4 Star The Harmony

List of Physical Characters

There are 3 Physical Element units available in the game. This element inflicts physical damage and also causes a Bleed status effect.

Characters  Rarity Path
Natasha 4 Star The Abundance
Sushang  4 Star The Hunt
Clara 5 Star The Destruction

List of Wind Characters

There are 4 Wind Element characters for you to unlock. Wind element tends to inflict additional wind damage and causes the Shear status effect.

Characters  Rarity  Path
Bronya 5 Star The Harmony
Blade 5 Star The Destruction
Sampo 4 Star The Nihility
Dan Heng 4 Star The Hunt

List of Quantum Characters

Players can obtain 3 Quantum Playable units in the game. Quantum element delays the enemy’s turn to give you an upper hand and causes an Entanglement status effect.

Characters Rarity Path
Silver Wolf 5 Star The Nihility
Seele 5 Star The Hunt
Qingque 4 Star The Erudition

List of Imaginary Characters

There are only 2 Imaginary element characters that can be obtained in the game. Just like Quantum, Imaginary delay’s opponent’s turn and tends to reduce their speed with the Imprisonment status effect.

Characters  Rarity Path
Luocha 5 Star The Abundance
Welt 5 Star The Nihility

This covers all about the 27 main characters list, that are available to unlock in Honkai Star Rail. Apart from these units, many more are going to be added to the roster. If you’re looking forward to unlocking them then let us tell you, that it’s not going to come for cheap.

How to Unlock Units in Honkai Star Rail

How to Unlock All Main Characters in Honkai Star Rail

As mentioned earlier only 8 characters come for free and the rest of them can be unlocked via the Gacha system. In Honkai Star Rail, its Gacha system is known as Wraps, where you obtain playable units by using Star Rail Passes or Star Rail Special Passes. These passes can be bought by using Stellar Jade or exchanging some Undying Embers & Undying Starlight. But if you don’t have the following currency, then you can always complete quests & participate in events to get some free passes.

That sums up all about the list of all Honkai Star Rail (HSR) main characters’ names and other details. If you are dicey about the units you should add to your team then check out our Characters Tier List for more details. Also, take a look at the best team composition recommended for new players.