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Honkai Star Rail Ancient Engine Locations (HSR Guide)

Want to Ascend a character, but you are missing Engines? Here are all the locations to get Ancient Engine in Honkai Star Rail.

Can’t find one of the most important Natasha’s ascension materials, Ancient Engine? Here are all the locations and monsters that drop Ancient Engine in Honkai Star Rail. This material is not only necessary for Luka’s ascension but is needed for Hook, Sampo, Silver Wolf, and some other characters too. Ancient Engines are multi-purpose items used for Light Cones ascension and even as Traces for some characters. And that all makes it necessary to collect them in advance. So read along and find all the places that have Ancient Engine in HSR.

Where to Find and How to Get Ancient Engine in Honkai Star Rail

Honkai Star Rail Ancient Engine Locations
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There are plenty of places where you will find enemies that drop Ancient Engine in HSR. But the most prominent locations to get EL 4+ and EL 1+ Engines are these:

  • EL 4+: Robot Settlement
  • EL 4+: Great Mine
  • El 1+: Simulated Universe

Robot Settlement and Great Mine Automatons

Robot Settlement is an Underworld area of the Jario-VI world. You unlock this place by completing the “To Rot or to Burn” Trailblaze mission. That is part of the In the Withering Wintry Night chapter. Great Mine is also in the Underworld area of the Jario-VI world but is unlocked by the completing “One Fallen Into The Abyss” Trailblaze mission. The enemies you encounter in these locations drop Honkai SR Ancient Engine. Automation Beetle, Automation Spider, Automaton Direwolf, Automaton Grizzly, and Automaton Hound are all the monsters of these zones that drop Engine.

How to Get Ancient Engines in the Simulated Universe of Honkai Star Rail

Simulated Universe is a roguelike game mode you unlock by completing Simulated Universe: First Closed Beta. It is the fifth part of the Trailblazer mission from the Chapter “Today Is Yesterday’s Tomorrow“. Keep on completing Trailblaze Missions, and it will eventually take you to Herta’s Office in Herta Space Station. And this is where you get the mission to unlock this game mode. Though you encounter many enemies in Domains of Simulated Universe, Searing Prowler, and Frigid Prowler are the two you need to hunt for. Searing Prowler can be found in several locations, including Forgotten Hall and Rivet Town of Jario-VI. You can also hunt it from there and get the Ancient Engine of Honkai Star Rail.

Can You Synthesize and Exchange for Ancient Engines?

Yes, you can. Players can convert other materials into Ancient Engine with Synthesizer. They can also exchange them with Trace and Character Ascension materials of certain star ratings.

That is all for the Ancient Engine Locations in Honkai Star Rail. If you found this guide interesting and are looking for more topics from this game, then check out our Honkai Star Rail guides. Start by reading how to clear Swarm Disaster of Simulated Universe and then beat Phantylia.