How To Beat Phantylia In Honkai Star Rail (Boss Guide)

Phantylia is an Echo of War enemy whom you can defeat for several exciting rewards. So check out our boss guide to get through her easily.

Phantylia The Undying is a new weekly boss showing up in Honkai Star Rail. Defeating this giant-sized boss can become a true nightmare if you do not have a proper team. Moreover, you should also know Phantylia’s weaknesses and her attack pattern so that you can prepare for necessary countermeasures. And once you have defeated her, you will be able to collect several rewards like Trace Materials, Relics, Light Cones, etc. Take a look below for some tips and tricks to get rid of Phantylia in HSR.

How to Defeat Phantylia The Undying in HSR

Phantylia can be defeated easily if you know all her weaknesses and moves. This will allow you to throw right attacks on this boss, and also counter her most damaging moves. That being said, Phantylia is weaker against Wind, Imaginary, and Lightning-type damages in Honkai Star Rail (HSR). On the other hand, this Echo of War boss enemy has Resistance against Frozen and Entanglement status effects. So Ice and Quantum-type characters won’t be of any help during your boss fight with Phantylia the Undying.

Phantylia In Honkai Star Rail

The Phantylia boss fight goes on in 3 phases in Honkai Star Rail. After each phase, she will add some new moves to her arsenal. The most important ones are the Abundance & Destruction Lotuses. The first Lotus removes Skills Points from your team, while the latter one will cause you damage. To put up a fight against Phantylia, you must have to reserve your DPS character’s Skill Points. In the meanwhile, some of your other teammates can use normal strikes to stack up more Skill Points for the team.

In Honkai Star Rail, the fight against Phantylia catches pace after the second phase of the battle. During this phase, she’ll be able to put debuff spells on your characters. And hence, it is important that you carry good Support and Healer with you. Not only they will provide you with several buffs, but will also heal and dispel Phantylia’s debuffs on your team.

During this battle, you will be able to use the Cloudhymn Roar ability. Using it, you can easily destroy Phantylia’s Lotuses. But you’ll have to pick the right time to unleash this move so it doesn’t get wasted. Besides all this, if you are having trouble picking up the right characters, then we got you covered. You can use the following team to fight and defeat Phantylia in Honkai Star Rail.

Best Team for Phantylia in Honkai Star Rail

Here are which characters you can add to your team and head on to battle against Phantylia.

  • Dan Heng (Main DPS)
  • Jing Yuang (AOE DPS)
  • Yukong (Support)
  • Luocha (Healer)

All of the above characters make a good team against Phantylia in Honkai Star Rail. Just make sure to keep Dang Heng safe till the 3rd phase of the battle as you will feel the need to use some damaging attacks there.

Phantylia Drops and Rewards

Phantylia in Honkai Star Rail

Check out below to know what items you will be rewarded after completing the Phantylia boss fight in Honkai Star Rail.

  • Regret of Infinite Ochema
  • Lucent Afterglow
  • Musketeer of Wild Wheat
  • Thief of Shooting Meteor
  • Quid Pro Quo
  • Fermata
  • We Are Wildfire
  • River Flows in Spring
  • Past and Future
  • Woof! Walk Time!
  • The Seriousness of Breakfast
  • Credit
  • Trailblaze EXP

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Now that you know how to beat Phantylia the Undying in Honkai Star Rail, go on and get the job done for all the exciting rewards. Also, for more such informative content, you can check out our HSR section. We have stacked up tons of guides there for your help.