How To Clear Swarm Disaster In Honkai Star Rail

Want to experience the hardest combat Honkai Star Rail has to offer? You should try out the Simulated Universe: Swarm Disaster.

Honkai Star Rail has added a new game mode known as the Swarm Disaster. This is a permanent new mode, so you don’t have to rush to complete it. This is crucial because most such events are time-exclusive. So in order to complete them you need to play the game a lot and speed things up. But it is good that it is permanent, because, unlike the previous events this one is the hardest one they added to the game so far. You will need a lot of time and patience when completing it and learning about its different mechanisms. So here is what Communing trial, Audience Dice, Path Resonance, Planar Disarray, and Resonance Interplay mean in Honkai Star Rail.

How to Complete Swarm Disaster in Honkai Star Rail

What Is Communing Trail In Honkai Star Rail Complete Swarm Disaster

Before going into the details of the mechanisms, here is how you can get started.

  1. Start by choosing your difficulty and adding your characters. You might feel tempted to pick higher difficulty for better rewards, but it is highly recommended you start easy and accordingly climb your way up.
  2. Next, choose a Path. All paths aren’t available from the start but you can unlock them as you play. Each path has unique benefits and in buffs in Audience Dice and Path Resonance.
  3. Once you pick a path you need to choose a Plane. You get 3 planes to select from Plane I, II, and III.
  4. When you select a Plane, you can see a board.
  5. Enter the plane and move toward the final boss. You can only move to adjacent tiles and won’t be able to go back.
  6. Each tile is different where you have to fight enemies, complete challenges, and more. Accordingly, you gain rewards.
  7. The more tiles you pass through while making your way to the boss, the more buffs you get. But the catch is you have to keep an eye on the Countdown and make sure it doesn’t go below 0. When that happens the enemies starts gaining buffs.
  8. Reach the final boss and defeat it.
  9. Complete all other Swarm Chapters in this pattern.

Once you complete a domain, you can interact with the Communing Device to get a special die that gives you a unique effect.

Mechanisms to Know about in Swarm Disaster

Here are a few concepts that you should know about when playing this game mode.

What is the Communing Trail & How it works?

Communing Trail works like a skill tree. It has various abilities that you can unlock and bring to the domains in Swarm Disaster. The buffs you unlock here can be applied to any character no matter the path they are on. Do remember there are a lot of abilities that you can find here. So unlocking them will take quite some time.

In order to unlock the different abilities, you need points for them. You can unlock these points by getting the various achievements that you can find in the Way of the Pathstrider. These are good to look out for because not only do you get these points but you get additional rewards like Stellar Jade, Credits, and more.

What are Audience Dice & Path Resonance?

Each time you choose a path, before confirming you get to check their Audience Dice and Path Resonance.

  • Audience Dice: It tells you about the Path Buffs and Die effect.
    • Path Buffs: Here you have the Dimension effect that takes place on the entire board that you play on. While Continous Buff is the combat buff that you get for fulfilling combat requirements.
    • Die Effects: Each time you complete a domain, before you go to the next tile, you get one of the Die effects given in the path.
  • Path Resonance: You can activate these effects each time you get 3 blessings of the path that you chose.

How Does Resonance Interplay Work & How to Activate It?

As you saw above, you need to get 3 Blessings to activate the Path Resonance. After you unlock more paths, you get to unlock blessings for them. So when you get 3 Blessings of Resonance in two or more paths, the resonance interplay will automatically get activated.

What is Planar Disarray in Honkai Star Rail?

Remember we mentioned above about getting more buffs as you pass by more tiles while keeping an eye on the countdown? When this countdown reaches 0, it triggers the “Planar Disarray” state. From now, each time you move a turn you increase the Disruption Level by 1. The higher this number is the more stat boosts your enemies will receive.

That’s covers the main mechanisms that you should know about Simulated Universe: Swarm Disaster in Honkai Star Rail and how to clear it. Be sure to check out our HSR section to get help with more topics of this game.