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Hitman Freelancer Tips & Tricks

Even the best Hitman among us needs these tips to become a good Freelancer.

The rogue-like genre has been on a rise lately but what happens when you want a stealth-based rogue-like? You get Hitman: Freelancer, a brand new way to play Hitman where everything is at stake, fail and you lose everything. But don’t worry as these Hitman Freelancer tips & tricks will help you progress through it faster and get your Freelancer Mastery leveled up.

Hitman Freelancer Tips for Succeeding in your Campaign

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In Freelancer, the targets and also equipment that you can use are random. You can never apply a single strategy to every mission. However, you can follow certain tricks that make the challenge more feasible. By using these Tips & Tricks, you can be faster and more efficient in your objectives. Some general tips are things like making sure you pause your game when you need to think about crucial decisions because you cannot save in this game mode. Also, make sure you prepare thoroughly in your Safehouse before leaving as you don’t get another chance to.

Start with a Campaign that has easier Potential Objectives

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At the very start of your Freelancer career with a low Freelancer Mastery level, you won’t have many weapons or freelancer tools. When presented with the 8 different syndicate campaign options to choose from, you should select the campaign which has potential objectives that don’t require items or weapons to be completed. Campaigns like the Espionage Syndicate or the Psy Ops Syndicate are good choices.

Choose a Small Map for Showdown Missions

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Showdown missions are tougher than normal ones because failing a showdown mission means your entire campaign starts over. To make showdowns easier, make sure you leave the smallest map for the last in your given campaign. From all the potential options, the one you leave at the end is what turns into a showdown mission. Having a smaller map makes it much easier to identify your target as all suspects are mostly in the same vicinity. A small map like Bangkok is optimal as shown in the picture above.

Get a Silenced Pistol

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Veteran Hitman players that are playing Freelancer realize how naked it feels without a silenced pistol. A silenced pistol solves so many problems and hurdles that might be in your way. You can get it from an arms dealer or if you are lucky you can even be awarded one in a Showdown Supply Crate. Getting it from an arms dealer should be your last option and it’s generally not advisable as there are easier ways for getting a silenced pistol without spending your Merces, like getting it from the elite guards in the Dubai level or getting it from the assassin in any Showdown Mission.

Use all possible Freelancer Tools in Showdown and Alerted Territories

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When you do a showdown mission or a mission in an alerted territory, failing the mission results in your entire campaign failing. While it doesn’t take away the weapons that you didn’t carry, it will make you lose all of your Freelancer items like emetic poison, dart guns, remote explosives, etc. It is best to carry those items and make the most of them since you will keep them if you succeed but if you fail you lose them all even if you didn’t carry them on the mission.

Use these techniques to make your campaign progress much easier. As you level up your Freelancer Mastery you will become more capable and unlock things like more gear capacity. Remember that all kinds of tactics are allowed unless it is specifically your objective to not do it. Utilize all your options and take your time to understand the cycle of your target and you will be well on your way to becoming the ultimate Freelancer. Check out our other Hitman articles like Hitman Freelancer Safe Clues: How To Find Them? and Hitman 3 Stick It To The Man Challenge.