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Hitman Freelancer Safe Clues: How To Find Them?

Unable to unlock the Safe in Hitman 3? Check out this guide to know how to find Safe Clues to unlock it.

With no backup from the ICA, Agent 47 is now a Freelancer. In this Roguelike mode, the ultimate aim here is to eliminate all the members of the Syndicate. Hence, it is important for Agent 47 to get stocked up with the best Weapons. To purchase it, you will have to collect a reasonable amount of Merces, in-game currency. Speaking of it, there are Safes in some missions of Hitman Freelancer that can be unlocked using Clues. Sounds interesting right? Here is a guide that features the steps to find these Safe Clues.

How to Find Safe Clues in Hitman Freelancer

How To Find Safe Clues In Hitman Freelancer

First of all, know that not all the missions in this game will hide the Safes. Though you can always check the in-game map to find the location of the Safes if there are any. Since it is a Hitman game, it won’t be easy to find them. Hence, you are expected to scour the entire location in search for finding clues for opening the Safes. A total of 3 Clues are required to open the Safe in Hitman Freelancer

To find those Safe Clues in Hitman Freelancer, you can use Instinct Mode. It will highlight all the items in the surrounding with which you can interact. These clues can be written notes, tablets, or anything else. It is not necessary that the clues will be placed in the same room as the Safe. But, it is for sure that it won’t be far away from the Safe.

How To Find Safe Clues In Hitman Freelancer

Further, use your gaming IQ to identify the Safe Clues and once you are sure about it, pull out your in-game Camera. After that, use your Camera to aim at the Safe Clue and initiate scanning. Once you have obtained all the 3 Safe Clues in Hitman Freelancer, a notification will pop up saying ‘Safe Cracked’ along with rewarded XP Bonues. Now, you can head over to Safe and claim your rewards.

Also, please keep in mind that scanning the Safe Clues with your Camera won’t make you suspicious. So, you don’t have to wait for the other people to move out of the room. Whereas, breaking the Safe using equipment will definitely alert the guards.

That covers everything about the Safe Clues in Hitman Freelancer. While you are here, make sure to check out our other Hitman 3 Guides on Gamer Tweak.