Hitman 3 Stick It To The Man Challenge

Phil James
3 Min Read

At the End of an Era mission, you take to travel to Chongqing, China and terminate Hush & Imogen Royce. Hush is a former cyberterrorist who is made a name for himself as a cybersecurity guru for dark web deplorable, human traffickers, organ harvesters. In Chongqing, Hush is currently developing a mind control program. He is using the local homeless as his test subjects. These test subjects return with disturbed and sometimes destroyed minds. It feels like sweet revenge of karma, when Agent 47 kills Hush, while disguised as a hobo. So let’s look at how to unlock the Stick It To The Man challenge in Hitman 3 and where to find a Homeless Person’s disguise.

How to do Stick It To The Man in Hitman 3?

To complete the Stick It to the Man assassination challenge in Hitman 3, you need to kill Hush while disguised as a Homeless Person. You will find homeless on level 0 behind the Arcade building, around the Block building, and near the Onelectrics Store (Impulse Control Mission Story). You can subdue one of them for their disguise.

Once you are in the disguise, you will need to sneak up the building to one of the two top floors. Hush usually will be on either of these floors. If you want to get him alone, you can get to the top where his sensory deprivation chair is located.
Stick It To The Man Hitman 3

To get there, go to the bathroom where Mnemonic Assassination Challenge’s Test Subject A is at. Climb out the windows and move along the building. You can also sneak inside from the building’s opposite side by unlocking the digitally locked door. The code for the door is 2552. Once you have Hush to yourself, kill him to complete the Hitman 3 Stick It To The Man Challenge.

We also found a YouTube video by Gamer Guru to help you sneak in the block build and find Hush in lower levels. Gamer Guru completed the challenge in 3 mins. Check out the video here.

That’s all there’s to know about how to do Hitman 3 Stick It To The Man Challenge. While you’re here check out our other Hitman 3 guides.