Hitman 3: What A Glorious Feeling & I’m Happy Again Challenges

Here's how to complete the What A Glorious Feeling & I’m Happy Again Challenges in Hitman 3 Chongqing - End Of An Era mission.

In Hitman 3 both What Glorious Feeling… & …I’m Happy Again are undoubtedly the funniest challenges in the entire game. You have to smack a guard twice on his head, while he’s dancing in rain on a rooftop. There’s nothing funnier than this, and we love it. So all jokes apart here’s how to do Hitman 3 What Glorious Feeling & I’m Happy Again Challenges.

How To Complete What A Glorious Feeling & I’m Happy Again Challenges?

hitman 3 im happy again challenge

In Hitman 3 to complete the What Glorious Feeling challenge, you need to hit a guard and knock him out using an umbrella. Once he wakes up, hit him once again to also complete the I’m Happy Again challenge.

How to do Hitman 3 What A Glorious Feeling?

Here’s how to do What a Glorious Feeling in Hitman 3:

  • Make sure you have started the mission in Professional difficulty. We will tell you the reason below.
  • First, you need to find an umbrella. Umbrella is considered as an illegal item in Casual difficulty.
  • You will be shot on sight if you are found carrying one. So play in Professional difficulty, there is no much difference anyway.
  • If you have a lockpick or crowbar, you can pick one from Floor 1 of Zhao’s Apartment.
  • Or from OK Karaoke (building near Laundromat), you can turn left and climb up the open window to Zhao’s Apartment.
  • Or you can avoid this and pick an umbrella from the Laundromat office, left once you enter the Wet Cat Laundromat.
  • Go to the locked door with the keycode and punch in the keycode.
  • The Hitman 3 laundry code is 0118.
  • Climb the stairs one level above and take the right door to the rooftop section.
  • Go down the stairs from rooftop to lower roof level.
  • You will see a guard standing there alone.
  • Go behind him and smack him with the umbrella.
  • You have completed the What Glorious Feeling… challenge.

How to do Hitman 3 I’m Happy Again Challenge?

hitman 3 what a glorious feeling

This challenge is an extension of the above challenge. Here’s how to complete this:

  • Drag the knocked out guard’s body bit towards other guards in the same level.
  • Once his body is found, he will be woken up by other guards and a search will be initiated for any trespassers.
  • Be patient till the search is over and everyone returns to their previous positions.
  • Wait till the guard start dancing in the rain.
  • Go behind him gain and whack him once again on his head with the umbrella.
  • The pop-up will inform you that the I’m Happy Again Challenge is complete.

That’s everything you need to know how to complete What a Glorious Feeling & I’m Happy Again Challenges in Hitman 3. While you are here also check out our other Hitman 3 guides.