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Hitman 3 Herr Ziegler Plus One Challenge Guide

Herr Ziegler Plus One is one of the easiest challenges you can complete in the Apex Predator Mission and it can be completed just before entering the club in Berlin.

Hitman 3 Herr Ziegler Plus One Challenge requires you to enter a club party in Berlin by adding your name to the guest list. As the challenge name suggests, you must find a man named Herr Ziegler and become his plus one to enter the club. This challenge is quite simple to complete. Let’s check out how to complete Hitman 3 Herr Ziegler Plus One Challenge here.

How to Get your Name on the Guest list in Hitman 3?


You need to meet “Herr Ziegler” who will help you get your name on the club’s guest list only if you help him first. Follow the below steps to complete the Herr Ziegler Plus One Challenge.

  1. Go to Club Hölle (it’s the one with a long queue of people and muffled music).
    Herr Ziegler Plus One
  2. There will be a man standing at the right to the entrance in a tank top and mohawk hairstyle.
    Hitman 3 Helfried Ziegler
  3. He will be talking on the phone, and once you approach him, he will tell you that he lost his “allergy pills” along with his bicycle.
  4. You can find the lime green bicycle leaning against some bathtubs behind the parking lot. It’s quite easy to find once you approach the row of cars.
  5. Pick up the bag of “medicine” pills, and give it to the mohawk guy.
  6. He will thank you and tell you that he can get you in the club for free.
  7. Follow him to the club entrance. He will tell the club staff that his name is “Helfried Ziegler” and you are his plus one. This will complete Herr Ziegler Plus One Challenge for you.
    Hitman 3 enter the club in Berlin

Also, remember to discard the gun if you picked it from the ICA agent who you subdued before the entering club area. Because you will be frisked ahead to enter the club.


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