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Jagged Alliance 3 Herman Is Missing Guide And All Choices

Want to complete the Jagged Alliance 3 side quest Herman is Missing with the best outcomes? Here are all the choices and their rewards.

Wondering which choices will give the most profit in Herman is Missing Quest of Jagged Alliance 3. This JA3 guide has got you covered. We have explained all the choices and their outcomes, so you can select the dialogue that offers what you need. Now players might mistake him for Turtle when they first hear the name, as he was also called Herman, but this Herman is an ordinary citizen. And at the time of writing, there are no ways to recruit him to your team as a Mercenary. But he is useful in other ways, making the right dialogue choices will give you resources like ammunition, crowbar, medicines, and even wearable.

All Herman Choices in Jagged Alliance 3

All Herman Choices JA3

You get this quest from Martha in Ernie. Martha’s husband Herman is missing and was last seen in the Emerald Coast I3, so head there. Once you reach there, you will see Herman surrounded by Legion guards. The field is filled with landmines, so you cannot simply jump on the enemy. You need to hire a Merc that can handle landmines and defeat Legion forces to free Herman. After you have saved him, he will thank you and you will learn his story. The dialogue choices you make here will not matter. All important dialogues take place in Ernie, so let him go to Ernie, and you also return there.

Talk to Basil in Ernie of Jagged Alliance 3

When you return to Ernie, you will find Basil and Luc arguing. Talk to them, and you will see these options and consequences.

  • This is none of our business
    If you make this choice Luc will be hanged, and you will get 10 Loyalty with Ernie. And Herman will give you 1 Mortar Gas Cartridge, 4 x 12-gauge Saltshot, 2 x 9 mm Standard, 5 Parts, 11 Meds, 12 Hollow Point, 1 Nuts and Bolts Magazine, 1 Bag of Chien Franks, 1 Flak Leggings, 1 Sleight of Hand, 2 Tiny Diamonds, 1 Confidante, 1 Crowbar.
  • Herman did it
    When you select this dialogue, you will get two new choices.

    • Spare Herman
      If you spare him, you will get 2 Loyalty with Ernie. And can get 1 Nuts and Bolts Magazine, 1 Bag of Chien Franks, 1 Flak Leggings, 1 Crowbar, 1 Mortar Gas Cartridge, 5 x 12-gauge Saltshot, 6 x 9 mm Standard, 7 Parts, 4 Meds from Herman
    • Herman should hang
      This option will get you 20 Loyalty with Ernie.

Meet Herman Again in Refugee Camp

In Jagged Alliance 3 you only meet Herman in Refugee Camp E9 if he wasn’t hanged in Ernie. So if you spared him, then head there and interact with him. You will get these choices.

  • Jobs in a mine
    This can only be offered if you have a high Leadership Mercenary. And you get 10 Loyalty with Refugee Camp with this.
  • Money
    If you select this option, you will have to give $2000 to Herman and Martha. But will get 10 Loyalty with Refugee Camp.
  • Can’t help you
    Selecting this will have no negative or positive effect.

That’s all for Jagged Alliance 3 Herman is Missing and all choices guide. If you are interested in JA3, then you should skim through our massive Jagged Alliance 3 guide list. And if you require a good Mercenary, then learn how to recruit Flay.