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How To Get Hay In Going Medieval

Here players will find how to get hay in Going Medieval. Hay Piles can be used to store food and items from bad weather.

Hay is one of the most important items you can acquire in Going Medieval. Hay is used to making beds for your settlers in the game, without which they’d be unable t get the required hours of rest in order to function efficiently. In today’s guide, we show you how to get the hay in Going Medieval. Let’s get going!

How to Get Hay in Going Medieval


Follow the instructions given below to get the hay in Going Medieval:

  • To acquire hay in Going Medieval, you’re first going to need grass.
  • Finding grass in the game is easy as it grows abundantly at various places on the map. A short look around will surely result in the finding of some grass.
  • Once you find grass, you can harvest it to acquire hay. You can do so by assigning the task of harvesting to your settlers.
  • To begin the process of harvesting, select the ‘Cut Plants’ option, marked with a  ‘sickle’ icon.
  • You can select this icon by hitting the ‘J’ key on your keyboard, after which you can select the grass that needs to be harvested.

going medieval cut plants


  • Upon being assigned the task, the settlers will begin harvesting the hay and then storing it in the stockpile.
  • If you want to speed up the process of harvesting hay from grass, you can increase the priority of the task to 1.
  • To alter the priority for a task, head to the “job” tab located at your top left corner, locate the “sickle” or “cut plants” icon, and re-assign the priority to 1.

going medieval harvest priority

  • Assigning the harvesting of hay to a priority of 1 will result in the settlers dropping any other work of a lower priority they may have and head to complete the task with higher priority (in this case, harvesting hay)
  • It is also important to assign hay harvesting to settlers with a high-level botany skill or else they may destroy the grass.


And that’s it. These simple steps are all it takes to harvest hay in Going Medieval. Remember to assign the priority for the task according to your requirements and only use settlers with the right skills and you’ll be good to go. Happy harvesting!